Life Style Chanakya Niti: Money should be spent very thoughtfully, Lakshmi ji’s grace remains

Chanakya Niti: Money should be spent very thoughtfully, Lakshmi ji’s grace remains

Chanakya Niti Hindi: Chanakya Niti says that the desire for money in material life is in everyone’s mind. Every person wants to become rich. Wants to get the blessings of Lakshmi ji, the goddess of wealth. But this is not such an easy task. According to Chanakya, the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi grants her blessings only when some important things are kept in mind in the matter of money. Let us know what these things are.

money saving- According to Chanakya, when a person has an influx of money, he should be saved. That means money should be saved. Lakshmi ji is pleased by saving money.

expenditure of money According to Chanakya, one should spend money very carefully. The person who does not spend money wisely, he has to face problems later. Money should be used only when needed. Money should not be spent in excess of income.

protection from crisis According to Chanakya, those who save money, they do not have to face much problems in times of crisis. Money helps like a true friend in times of crisis. Therefore, one should be alert and serious about savings at all times.

Increase in confidence According to Chanakya, money also increases the confidence of a person. Happiness, prosperity and splendor are attained by the grace of Lakshmi ji, along with it self-confidence increases. Self-confidence is considered very important for great success in life.

ego- According to Chanakya, arrogance should be avoided when one gets money. Ego is the enemy of a person. You should stay away from it. Laxmi ji does not like ego. Lakshmi ji leaves the company of those who are arrogant very soon.

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