Auto Changan UNI cars… for those looking for the highest levels of luxury

Changan UNI cars… for those looking for the highest levels of luxury

– Ahmed Al-Mutawa: The new vehicles have the latest levels of development that exceed all expectations

Changan has developed rapidly at all levels in recent years

Al-Qurain Automotive Trading Company unveiled the all-new Changan UNI series, through two SUV models, the “UNI-K” and “UNI-T”, in a special ceremony interspersed with live music in the “Avenues Mall”. In the presence of the Economic and Commercial Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Kuwait, Sheng Yongruo, and the directors of Abdulaziz Al-Ali Al-Mutawa Company.

The CEO of Abdulaziz Al-Ali Al-Mutawa Group of Companies, Ahmed Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa, pointed out that the “UNI” category is presented to luxury car enthusiasts and all customers who are looking for the highest levels of elegance and the latest levels of sophistication that exceed all expectations.

He pointed out that the Changan brand has developed rapidly over the past years at all levels, and today it confidently stands side by side with the most prestigious names in the automotive world.

He said that Changan’s new vision is clearly demonstrated through the “UNI” series, and it announces to the world a strong new competitor with seriousness and determination to reach the highest ranks.

Al-Mutawa added that the new designs offered by Changan through the “UNI” series are distinguished only by elegance, sporty character and strong performance, and have a strong spirit determined to compete in the luxury car category strongly, expressing his confidence that the brand is able to win completely, as It did during the past few years, as “Changan” proved itself in the local market and advanced with an amazing acceleration to rank among the competitors.

He continued, “Our success has always been based on the base of placing customers at the top of our attention, and providing all the requirements that guarantee their satisfaction, and we are constantly striving to strengthen this relationship based on trust by providing the highest levels of service on the one hand, and the latest models on the other hand, so that they can enjoy a driving experience.” Do not forget”.

luxury and sophistication

The availability of “Changan” with the “UNI” category offers luxury car enthusiasts the opportunity to discover new levels of luxury and sophistication, and confidently enter the competition in the luxury car sector.

The UNI series expresses the image of Changan in the future, with the values ​​of elegance, modernity and futuristic technology at the heart of the brand’s philosophy.

Changan aspires through the UNI series to provide a superb driving experience that gives its customers a sense of freedom and dynamism, as well as the utmost enjoyment of the exquisiteness of design and the grandeur of technology.

top of harmony

The UNI-K model is classified in the mid-size SUV category, and features a futuristic design in the top of its consistency and a great sporty look enhanced by the front grille with a hexagonal honeycomb pattern with elegant headlights and “Y” daytime running lights. , while the splendor of elegance is evident by integrating the hidden door handle with the curved body and large 21-inch sports wheels, with a uniquely designed rear spoiler.

The interior combines all the requirements for spaciousness and elegance, and the modern headboard gives at first sight an unprecedented sense of technological sophistication, while the “Uni-K” is equipped with two touch screens, the first replacing the traditional instrument panel and the second with an interactive multimedia screen compatible with the latest communication and navigation applications.

The availability of comfortable seats gives a wonderful feeling of relaxation enhanced by the automatic cabin climate control, the sports steering wheel and the panoramic sunroof, while the driving pleasure increases with intelligent driving assistance systems, many cameras, sensors and radar systems, as the Changan UNI-K is equipped with a turbo engine 4 A 2.0-liter cylinder, 233 horsepower, with a 6-speed automatic transmission, and a 4WD system.

Draw attention

The “UNI-T” model is a compact sports crossover, characterized by a futuristic design that catches the eye from all angles, while the futuristic character of the design appears through the front end with the grille that replaces the traditional form with an elegant engineering design that reflects the meanings of infinity and continuity, and in modern dynamic curves. For the aspects of a slim body.

The hidden door handle has been integrated with the curved body, which effectively reduces wind resistance while showing the dynamics of the curved body, while the “V”-shaped rear spoiler at the end of the roof enhances the aerodynamics and increases the stability of the car, and the four exhaust manifolds with a distinctive design reflect the clearest meanings. Audacity and dazzling modern sporty elegance.

The dazzling continues through the levels of elegance and exclusivity offered by the cabin, from the ergonomically designed front seats upholstered in premium leather, to the futuristic dashboard with a noticeably tilted driver’s side, the slim connected digital display, to the infotainment system and the digital instrument display.

The center console is distinguished by a vertical design in which the control buttons are located towards the driver, while the sports steering wheel comes with leather wrapping for a greater sense of luxury and control.

The front seats can be electrically adjusted in 4 modes for the passenger and 6 for the driver, while the front seats support heating and ventilation, while the vehicle comes with a 10.3-inch infotainment screen compatible with communication applications with a navigation system with Gulf maps, along with a digital instrument display, an audio system with 6 headphones.

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