Life Style Change the habit, diabetes will remain under control

Change the habit, diabetes will remain under control

Diabetes Control: Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled but cannot be completely eliminated. You can also prevent the problem of diabetes by adopting healthy food and lifestyle. But many times it becomes very difficult to follow the routine in a run-of-the-mill life. In this case your blood sugar level may increase. If you do not control the blood sugar level, then it starts affecting other parts of the body.

Eyes, liver, heart and kidneys start getting affected when the blood sugar level increases. That’s why you must keep your blood sugar level under control. Today we are telling you such tips by which you can easily control your blood sugar level by making some changes in your habit.

Fix your diet If you take care of your diet, then it can control your blood sugar level to a great extent. You should include food without sugar in your diet. Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in the food. Eat something or the other every 2 to 3 hours in a day. Avoid eating white things like rice, potatoes and noodles.

Do exercise daily To control blood sugar, you also need to control your weight. You must exercise daily to stay fit. Exercising burns the extra calories being made in the body. However, during exercise, you should also keep checking your sugar level.

medicines on time If your sugar level is so high that you have to take medicine, then always take your medicine on time. For this, first of all you should fix your routine. Get up on time in the morning and have breakfast. After this, do lunch and dinner also on time. Take the medicine at the right time as prescribed by the doctor. This will keep your blood sugar level under control.

Keep checking blood sugar level Sugar patient should keep checking his blood sugar level. You should bring a sugar testing machine at home and check the sugar level before and after eating food. This will help you in maintaining the blood sugar level.

Keep weight under control A diabetic patient should keep his weight under control. Due to increasing obesity, such people start having many problems. Due to increasing obesity, there is a problem of increasing cholesterol in such people. After which many types of heart related diseases start happening.

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