Infotech Checks on job seekers will increase by 25%

Checks on job seekers will increase by 25%

Pôle Emploi, which carried out around 400,000 checks on job seekers in 2019, will step up its efforts by 25% to verify that the unemployed are doing everything possible to return to working life, the Minister of Work Elisabeth Borne.

“Controls will intensify”, warned the minister at the microphone of RTL. “Pôle Emploi carried out around 400,000 checks in 2019. In the next six months, they will carry out 250,000 checks. This is an increase of 25%, specifically in areas of stress. “

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“Pôle Emploi advisers will check that a job seeker responds to offers, goes to interviews, takes part in recruitment sessions or follows the training offered”, she added.

“It’s an assessment made over several months, not a cleaver. The answer is graduated. The first time we can temporarily remove your allowance for a month and this can go as far as delisting if we start again “, detailed Elisabeth Borne.

600 dedicated advisers

“It’s quite normal, when we support job seekers as we have never done, that we make sure that they are actually looking for work. Over the five-year period, we have invested 15 billion euros in training for job seekers ”, she recalled again.

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These checks will be carried out by 600 dedicated advisers.

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On the sidelines of his speech, his ministry said that more than 300,000 offers not filled for more than a month would soon be reviewed, as Emmanuel Macron indicated during his speech to the French on Tuesday.

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“Job seekers who do not demonstrate an active search will have their allowance suspended”, said the President of the Republic, a provision already provided for in the event of breach of legal obligations.

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