Life Style Chole or kidney beans, what is beneficial for weight loss?

Chole or kidney beans, what is beneficial for weight loss?

Chole and rajma are such vegetables that everyone likes very much. Whenever you do not understand green vegetables, then you can make Chole or Rajma. These vegetables taste great with rice, roti or paratha. But do you know that you can also lose weight with your favorite dish. Yes, let us tell you that chickpeas and kidney beans also prove to be very beneficial in weight loss. In such a situation, if you want to lose weight, then you can eat any number of chickpeas or kidney beans without any restriction. Now without any diet, you can reduce obesity with these two things. Since both Rajma and Chole are very easy to make and both the dishes look very tasty, it is important to know what is the most beneficial of these two and why? Know which thing you should eat Rajma or Chole to lose weight.

Chole and kidney beans contain more nutrients

If we talk about nutrients, then equal and almost all the nutrients like protein, calcium, carbohydrate etc. are present in both. From the nutritional point of view, both are equal.

How many nutrients in 1 cup of chickpeas

597 calories
19 grams protein
4 grams fat
60 grams carbohydrates
172 mg calcium
10 mg iron
188 mg magnesium
2.5 mg zinc

How many nutrients in 1 cup of kidney beans

564 calories
24 grams of protein
1.3 g fat
10 grams carbohydrates
234 grams calcium
13 mg iron
229 mg magnesium
4 mg zinc

Benefits of Chole and Rajma

1- They keep the heart healthy and keep heart problems away.

2- Eating kidney beans and chickpeas helps in weight loss.

3- Eating kidney beans and chickpeas improves the skin.

4- Eating chickpeas and kidney beans cures many diseases.

Which is better between Rajma and Chole for weight loss

By the way, a lot of nutrients are found in both Rajma and Chole, but there is a lot of difference in many things. From this difference, it is known that what is necessary to consume for weight loss. You will find it beneficial to consume kidney beans for weight loss. The reason for this is that kidney beans have more nutrients than chickpeas. It has less calories than chickpeas. Those who do not eat non-veg should also eat kidney beans to meet the lack of protein. Rajma is rich in fiber which helps in weight loss.

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