Technology Chronicles of the sky. Airport of the future

Chronicles of the sky. Airport of the future

What will the airport of the future be in 2040? (Illustration) (JAN-STEFAN KNICK / EYEEM / GETTY IMAGES)

What will the air transport of the future look like by 2040? Throughout the summer, we will try to enlighten you on the aircraft of the future, the technological news to come, and the desire of this industry to reduce its carbon footprint. There will be a before and an after coronavirus.

The airport of the future will be as connected as its passengers. The traveler experience will be completely transformed thanks to technological innovation. The emergence of biometrics, mobile phones and the generation of “digital native” passengers will be operated within airports. Objective: to simplify the traveler’s journey and guarantee everyone’s safety.

The use of electric vehicles will develop even more, with regard to passenger transport shuttles and airport assistance equipment. In the age of coronavirus, tomorrow’s airport will be contactless

Today, we are interested in the airport of the future, the smart airport, and what it will bring to air passengers, with:
– Lionel Salmon, Strategy and Marketing Director of Thales activity in charge of airport protection systems,
– Youzec Kurp, Vice-President Identity and Biometrics at Thales,
– and Edward Arkwright, Executive Director General of the ADP Group.

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