Top Stories Clashes between armed formations of the STC in Aden

Clashes between armed formations of the STC in Aden

On Sunday morning, armed confrontations erupted between armed formations of the Transitional Council in the city of Khor Maksar in the interim capital, Aden.

Local sources told “Al-Sahwa Net” that armed formations called the Emergency Forces and Security Support, led by Samed Sanah, protested against the Aden Security Administration, as it dismissed a number of its soldiers.

She added that the Aden Security Administration tried to prevent the committee charged with disbursing salaries, from carrying out its tasks, which it intended today to pay the salaries of the security units.

She stressed that the emergency forces stipulated the necessity of returning those who were dismissed from their ranks, before starting to pay salaries, which was rejected by the Aden Security Department, and as a result of that, clashes erupted.

The sources stated that the Aden Security Department was able to detain the military crews of the emergency forces; What angered their leader, Samed Sanah, to head to the Workers Island area in Khormaksar and open fire at the security checkpoint of the Security Department stationed on a daily basis in that area.

The sources indicated that the sounds of clashes, in which light and medium weapons were used, provoked a state of fear and panic among the people, especially as they erupted while their children were in school.

The sources pointed out that a plane belonging to Yemenia Airlines changed its course after its arrival in the city of Aden, coming from the Egyptian capital Cairo, coincided with the outbreak of clashes and was unable to land on the runway of Aden International Airport, adjacent to the site of the confrontations..


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