Infotech Class action against Vinted: investigating the dark side of the platform

Class action against Vinted: investigating the dark side of the platform

The class action brought by the consumer association UFC Que-Choisir this morning has the effect of a bomb. First of all because this type of action, very supervised, is still rare in France, but also because it affects a juggernaut in the online resale of second-hand products. This Lithuanian player, who appeared late in France, in 2013, in a sector that was nevertheless saturated, has managed to slip into first place in a very juicy market. In its press release, Que Choisir explains the reasons for this action as follows:

“Vinted charges on each transaction, under the tendentious name of ‘Buyer Protection’, a so-called optional commission and the amount of which does not appear until the time of payment, which the association considers to be a deceptive business practice. The formal notice sent by the UFC-Que Choisir did not make Vinted listen to reason, the association is therefore launching a group action today against the Lithuanian giant before the Judicial Court of Paris, to obtain the reimbursement of these costs unduly invoiced since 2016 ”UFC-Que Choisir accuses Vinted of “deceptive commercial practice” and takes legal action

In November 2019, while Vinted was in full promotion of its model in France, Magali Moulinet had met its CEO, and chose to investigate this resale platform which is certainly very efficient, but whose limits she perceived. Here is his investigation:

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