Technology Climate: Thomas Pesquet worried about the planet

Climate: Thomas Pesquet worried about the planet


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He has seen the forests devastated by fires like no one else, and measured the extent of the damage from space. As a special witness to these climatic disasters, Thomas Pesquet expresses his concerns.

Seeing Earth from space has radically changed the worldview of the Commander of the International Space Station. “We have this incredible oasis protected by our atmosphere. To see it even once [depuis l’espace], it marks us for life “, says Thomas Pesquet. The French astronaut is the privileged witness of the catastrophes which threaten the environment. Storms, fires: he has not stopped sharing these visions on social networks. Series of exceptional photos that raise awareness of the fragility of our planet.

Today, looking back, Thomas Pesquet perceive the extent of the damage. “During this year’s devastating fires, columns of smoke were seen for days from space. During tropical storms, which are more and more frequent and devastating, you can almost look directly into the eye of the cyclone, it’s impressive “, estimates the French. In Glasgow, countries around the world are looking to come together to protect our planet. Thomas Pesquet, UN Ambassador for Agriculture and the Environment, has a message for them: “The priority is to get out of all-carbon. We must take measures and respect them. The astronaut is due to return to Earth on November 7, a few days before the end of the COP26.

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