Top Stories Commemorating the first anniversary of the “child Lian” massacre and 21 civilians in Houthi shelling targeting the city of Ma’rib

Commemorating the first anniversary of the “child Lian” massacre and 21 civilians in Houthi shelling targeting the city of Ma’rib

Today, a number of human rights activities were held in Ma’rib Governorate to commemorate the first anniversary of the three-year-old girl, “Layan”, whose body was charred with her father and 19 others as a result of the Houthi terrorist militia’s bombing of a fuel station in the city of Ma’rib with a ballistic missile.

According to the Ma’rib governorate media, the Human Rights Office in the governorate and a number of human rights organizations and activists held a memorial ceremony for the martyr Lian and the martyrs of the Holocaust, in addition to a vigil. The cemetery of the martyrs was also visited and a wreath was laid on the grave of the girl Lian, and the graves of the martyrs of the terrorist Holocaust.

During the events, a number of words were delivered, and banners were raised calling on the world to get out of its position of ignoring the humanitarian crimes committed in Yemen by the terrorist Houthi militia against the Yemeni people and the Ma’rib governorate, which includes more than 3 million displaced, displaced and host communities.. stressing that this The lenient international stances towards these terrorist crimes encouraged and encouraged the Houthi militia to commit more and diversify terrorist crimes without fear of punishment or deterrence.

The participants in the events called on the international community to stand firm against the terrorist behavior and humanitarian crimes of the Houthi militia, to triumph over humanitarian principles, divine laws and international legislation that sanctify human humanity and rights, and to move seriously to hold the terrorist Houthi militia accountable for these crimes, classify it as a terrorist organization, and refer its leaders to international courts. , so as not to escape punishment.

The Director-General of the Human Rights Office, Abd Rabbo Judaea, had indicated that the commemoration of this first anniversary of the Holocaust of the girl Layan comes to remind the international community of the crimes and violations that civilians in Marib, especially children and women, are subjected to by the terrorist Houthi militia; Since the beginning of its war on the governorate, since the end of 2014, it has killed nearly a thousand boys and girls with ballistic missiles, drones, and mines.

In a speech to civil society organizations, human rights activist Majida al-Dhib called on the international community to condemn the criminal practices of the Houthi militia that kill children and women in residential neighborhoods by deliberately bombing them with ballistic missiles.

It called on the United Nations, the Security Council, and all organizations concerned with childhood to assume their moral responsibilities and urgently intervene to put an end to the ongoing Houthi crimes and violations against them, and to ensure that all those whose hands were stained with the blood of Yemeni children are tried and that they do not enjoy impunity.


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