Top Stories Commercial seasons in Aden … Merchants ‘spoils and citizens’ nightmares

Commercial seasons in Aden … Merchants ‘spoils and citizens’ nightmares

With the beginning of all seasons, the ambitions of some merchants intensify by resorting to raising the prices of materials and commodities, which introduces tension and anxiety to the hearts of most families, and becomes a preoccupation for people’s conversations in their gatherings and family gatherings.

At a time when the high prices and their significant rise and noticeably became one of the biggest concerns and suffering of most middle and low-income families whose expenses, needs and requirements of food, drink, clothes and other unexpected expenses increase, the barbarism of merchants and their exploitation multiplied from that suffering.

Despite all the suffering experienced by the citizen, this did not prevent the merchant from exploiting the citizen’s need in the seasons that have become for them spoils that they seize, while for the citizen it has become mere nightmares that haunt their lives and multiply their suffering.

In an interview with “Al Sahwa Net”, citizen “Ahmed Fouad” from the Crater District in the temporary capital, Aden, said that most of the commodities increase in prices and increase in the permissible seasons every year, all his goods according to their designated season, while noting that their prices will decrease somewhat if the season ends and the turnout for purchase is weakened. .

Ahmed added that these behaviors have become an annual habit that merchants exploit, so greed controls them when they determine the prices of commodities that people accept in abundance, and they resort to working to double their prices, sometimes several times.

In the context of his statements to Al-Sahwa Net, he stressed that the prices of school clothes have witnessed a crazy increase in the markets of the temporary capital, Aden, by merchants during the past two days, coinciding with the start of the new school year.

Ahmed pointed out that many citizens were unable to buy school clothes due to the deteriorating economic conditions and the deterioration of the living situation in the city, as the price of one suit for children reached 9,000,000 Yemeni riyals.

He explained that it is the absence of the government role and price control that encouraged merchants to exploit the citizens ’needs and raise prices in all seasons, calling on the competent authorities to tighten supervision and the necessity of setting a price plan.


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