Life Style Common benefits of mango emerald in summer season are not many, know the method of preparation

Common benefits of mango emerald in summer season are not many, know the method of preparation

Summer season has arrived. The temperature has reached above 30 degrees. Due to so much heat in the initial phase, the throat has started burning. Remember those who belong to the village, what did they do to soothe their throats during this season in childhood? Actually, mango emerald is made with great fervor in childhood to soothe the throat in the early season of this summer. This is a very special drink for children. But it is equally special for the elders. Now, since mango to tikula (mango has grown a bit) has started coming in, then it is very easy to make mango panna. Mango panna is summer cooler for today. Along with the summer cooler, it is also Delicious.

Many benefits of Mango Panna
Mango emerald not only brings coolness to the body due to scorching heat, but it makes us feel refreshed and energetic. Mango Panna removes the lack of water in the body. There is nothing better than mango emerald to overcome the lack of water in the body during summer time. It balances the electrolyte in the body. Apart from this, a lot of iron is found in it.

Also relieves depression
Vitamin B6 is present in mango panna due to which it works for the body’s hormones. Due to this, there is a happy hormone balance in the body, due to which it is helpful to overcome the problem like depression.

Mango emerald is great for digestion
Manga panna is also not the answer for diazation. Complaints of stomach ache are common in these days of summer. Consumption of mango emerald would eliminate the problem of stomachache. Along with this, there is a chemical named Pactin, which makes the digestive system very accurate. The problem of stomach upset, diarrhea, constipation is overcome by common emerald.

Mango emerald is also better for immunity
Mango panna is also considered to be better for the immune system. It is helpful in fighting dangerous bacteria in the body. Constant consumption of mango emerald does not cause diseases like jaundice, TV, anemia. Vitamin C is also found in it, due to which the properties of antioxidants are also present. This antioxidant has an important role in preventing skin and breast cancer.

How to make Mango Panna
Making mango panna is very easy. Some essential ingredients to make it.
Two mangoes
Two cups of water
1.5 cup sugar
One teaspoon rostet cumin powder
¼ teaspoon chilli powder
Two teaspoons black salt
Cold water
Peppermint leaf

Method of making
Add mango and water to the cooker. Put two cities on low heat.
Remove the mango peel after it cools down.
Then fold it into a bowl. Mix sugar and other things in it.
If you want, grind it in the grinder.
Now put two to three teaspoons of mango panna in a glass and mix cold water in it and drink it as a drink.

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