Infotech Consumer associations oppose the default removal of the receipt

Consumer associations oppose the default removal of the receipt

Most of the consumer associations that are members of the National Consumer Council, in particular the UFC-Que Choisir or Rural Families, opposed this Tuesday, April 19 to the default abolition of the till receipt planned from 2023, claiming that the printing a ticket either “systematically offered”.

Should we rejoice at the imminent death of the receipt?

Twelve consumer associations, out of the fifteen that make up the joint advisory body that is the National Consumer Council, believe that removing ” by default “ the receipt “results in depriving consumers of a real choice, and consequently of their rights”.

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At the heart of the debate, a decree implementing the anti-waste law which provides “the ban on the automatic printing of tickets in stores from January 1, 2023”, with the aim of reducing waste production. The National Consumer Council is currently being consulted on this decree, explain the consumer associations, which oppose its current wording.

Manage your budget and check the amount of the transaction

“The government project provides that, with exceptions”in particular the purchase of certain so-called “sustainable”bank card transactions canceled or subject to credit, printing of receipts as bank card receipts “would be deleted by default, regardless of the amount and nature of the purchases”.

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“Consumers would only be informed, by display at the cash desk, that if they wish to obtain a ticket, they must expressly request it”, continue Adeic, Afoc, ALLDC, Cnafal, CNAFC, CSF, Families of France, Fnaut, Rural Families, Indecosa-CGT, UFC-Que Choisir and Unaf. These associations believe that “a consumer’s right to obtain a receipt will only be truly preserved if the choice is systematically offered to him”.

In defense of the receipt, several arguments in their eyes: it remains “a family budget management tool”allows “verify the accuracy of the transaction amount” and constitutes a “Proof of purchase essential to take advantage of the legal or commercial guarantees”. They also consider that the replacement of the printed receipt by sending it by e-mail “opens the way to a forced march dematerialization of the ticket”, “likely to facilitate, via marketing techniques, the creation of databases by merchants”.

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