Entrepreneur Containment: restaurants try to limit the damage

Containment: restaurants try to limit the damage

In some very residential Parisian districts, the landscape has changed since the confinement. The café-brasserie next door has taken out a small refrigerated cabinet filled with drinks so that it remains open, and displays on giant slates the price of hot drinks, starters, main courses and desserts of the day. carry. During the day, customers, especially workers from neighboring construction sites, parade. The pizzeria, she brought out the huge banner displayed during the first confinement, recalling that its ovens remain on and that caregivers have 10% reduction.

As elsewhere in France, a significant number of establishments in the capital have chosen to remain open for authorized take-out and delivery activities, although they only provide them with part of their turnover. Even if, from the evening of Friday November 6, the decree taken in Paris to avoid the regroupings observed in certain places will complicate their task – since they have a new curfew imposed between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. morning.

Restaurants keep activity going

The evening remains an important moment for the finances of restaurateurs, but, fortunately for the profession, the majority of orders take place before. At Just Eat, in an “ordinary” period (ie the four weeks preceding the first curfew from September 19 to October 16), 10.8% of orders placed in the evening in the capital were placed after 10 pm. And 7.9% nationally.

Unlike the first confinement where the majority of restaurants had started by completely closing their doors, this time, the situation is very different. First of all because health protocols are now in place. But also because establishments have accelerated their digitalization and broadened the range of modes of access to their production. Since the first curfew announcements, inbound requests from restaurants to join Just Eat have increased by 30%.

A brand like Big Fernand, which has set up a whole new organization, leaves all its restaurants – more than fifty – open, except in shopping centers, and succeeds in establishing a smooth transition to normal.

Out of 2,000 restaurateurs across France, 33% had planned to set up take-out, 19.5% were in reflection, the others not considering it, according to a survey by Umih, the main employers’ organization in the sector, carried out on the eve of confinement among its members. And at Deliveroo, around 90% of referenced restaurants, therefore practicing delivery, have remained open.

In the kitchen, the situations are very varied. “Tout depends on the location of the restaurants. Those who rather have a clientele of travelers, employees at noon without real consumption in the evening during confinement, tend to keep the door closed. Take out and delivery involves managing inventory, having someone in the kitchen and in the sink when, in many cases, the turnover generated is not enough to cover the expenses. In addition, the uncertainty is such that some restaurateurs are discouraged and are cautious », Notes Céline Chicot, partner at GMBA, a consulting firm, accountancy and audit.

Random profitability

The question of profitability therefore arises. An advantage, however, the turnover from sales made during confinement will not be counted in the calculation of aid under the solidarity fund. Pursuing the activity also has the advantage of preserving the link with customers. To keep the urge, from Uber Eats to Just Eat and Deliveroo, the three meal delivery platforms are storming offers to make things easier. But, for restaurateurs, it will be necessary to hold on to the length.

The movement is well distributed in France. In Béziers, Pierre Augé, who had worked during the first confinement with take-out and delivery made in-house, widens the perimeter where his dishes are brought and released a brunch version. In Aix, the Mas Bottero has transformed its restaurant into a grocery store in addition to take-out menus. In Vals-les-Bains, in Ardèche, the Vivarais, closed in March, offers a take-out menu this fall, with pastries and wine.

Great expectations from customers

Some establishments manage to fill up very quickly in the take-out sale. As Mosuke, the restaurant of Mory sacko, 2020 candidate of the “Top Chef” show but above all the phenomenon of this year’s gastronomy. Before confinement, it was necessary to book several months in advance to find a table in his restaurant in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, barely open in September.

Today, you also have to have a little patience, but much less than before, to taste dishes such as fried chicken with black sesame and thyme and a dessert, available for take-out but also on Deliveroo. In Origins, the starred restaurant of Julien boscus, also in Paris in the 8th arrondissement, then November 4, 50 meals were prepared for the click and collect during the day. With great mobilization from the chef.

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