Infotech Corine, literature teacher: “Retirement was still a bit of science fiction”

Corine, literature teacher: “Retirement was still a bit of science fiction”

“I have always been a teacher, having gone through a lot of subjects, but I have been teaching today for many years part-time with students in BTS and in a theater option.

Until recently, I had never really thought about retirement. I love my job, and I’m one of those people who have a little trouble aging, so for me it’s always concerned others! And then last year friends and colleagues retired, so I thought it was time to look into it.

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When will I retire?

They are workers, teachers, nurses… Whether they are passionate about their job or not, whether they are waiting for retirement with impatience or apprehension, all are concerned by the reform announced by the government of Elisabeth Borne and which notably provides for the decline of legal retirement age from 62 to 64 years old. A reform that questions them about their projects and their relationship to their work. “The Obs” gives them the floor.

With National Education, I had received information to do a simulation. I had the misfortune to click on it! I haven’t had a period of inactivity since the end of my studies in 1986, and only two fairly standard maternity leaves for my two children. I was then told, before the new reform, a departure at 63 to have a full rate of 1,900 euros. It fell on my head: 63 years for me is in… five years! What was still a bit of science fiction has suddenly become very close.

“Working more means polluting more!” “: in Paris, young people in turn demonstrate against the pension reform

I have the chance to do, part-time with motivated students, a job that fascinates me. I’ve always loved what I did, this job actually saved me a little during my divorce some twenty years ago. I feel very privileged compared to many of my colleagues who experience teaching in a painful way. So the idea of ​​leaving bothered me a bit. And then I came a long way, I got used to the idea. I who was thinking about working a little longer, well the reform is thinking for me!

“I saw the gap widen with my students”

Personally, it doesn’t matter. But besides my own case, I find that touching retirement is inadmissible, especially for an asset which we had promised not to touch. I’m lucky to be in good health, to love my job, but what about those who do difficult or unrewarding jobs? Of those who have aged prematurely, who will arrive in poor condition at retirement and who will not be able to benefit from it?

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Even for me, 65 will really be the last time to leave, both physically – theater can be physical! – only intellectually. I am convinced that teaching goes through the human relationship with the students, and in recent years, I have seen that the gap is widening with them. Imagine a 65-year-old teacher talking to young people aged 16-17, especially in the theater where the human connection is so important!

” On strike until retirement ” ? In Paris, demonstrators determined to mobilize over time

For a long time, I had little idea of ​​my retirement. Today, I know that I would like to get involved in associations, as I already do in helping young migrants. I’m a little refractory to this cliché that says that all retirees end up in associations, but there you go!

And then, I would like to put together an amateur theater troupe like I did in the past. If I don’t have the energy to manage actors as a director, I will become a simple actress myself. Isn’t that still a way to keep working? Yes a little ! »

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