Life Style Coronavirus: 80 percent of patients did not show major signs of infection, report says ‘silent spreader’

Coronavirus: 80 percent of patients did not show major signs of infection, report says ‘silent spreader’

Scientists say that patients with coronary asymptomatic (without symptoms) silently spread the virus and are not even aware of it. British researchers said no symptoms were seen in 80 percent of patients found positive in the corona virus examination.

Infectious patients who are spreading silent symptoms without research

He expressed concern that if the transmission continued to grow silently, the spread of corona could not be stopped in future. Researchers at London College University used data from the National Statistical Office’s Kovid-19 survey for research. Citing research, he claimed that between April and June, 86.1 percent of corona-infected patients did not experience symptoms such as cough, fever, taste and odor erosion.

Professor of Epidemiology and Health Information Erin Peterson said, “Right now our focus is on patients with corona symptoms. But if you are not catching asymptomatic or pre-asymptomatic people, bring the outbreak down in time before it becomes uncontrollable. be difficult.” They believe that inadvertently infected people may become a threat of corona spread with silence.

Beware of corona virus ‘silent spreader’

Research found that out of the three major symptoms of corona virus, only 13.9 percent of the patients were found to have symptoms. The National Statistical Office collected corona virus detection data from citizens during the epidemic as an ‘infection survey’. His purpose was to find out how many patients with corona symptoms and no symptoms.

Researchers cautioned that the ‘silent carriers’ of the corona virus may be more common than before. On Thursday, the research has been published in a journal called Clinical Epidemiology. Researchers recommend that to reduce the transmission of the corona virus, it is important to identify those who spread the infection.

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