Life Style Coronavirus plan: What should be your next step after being tested positive? Know full answer

Coronavirus plan: What should be your next step after being tested positive? Know full answer

Coronavirus plan: What to do after confirmation of positive in the test? This question has become important for everyone to know during the time of pandemic. However, the news of being corona positive is not good for anyone. Once you are aware, you should be ready for the next action.

In 80 percent of corona cases, the symptoms are mild or moderate. Therefore, not every patient needs to go to the hospital. Recovery time may be speeded up by knowing about further action and treatment. Therefore, you should prepare for ‘Kovid Plan’ in advance.

Reaching a doctor for medical advice

Once you are identified, the first task should be to consult a doctor. The doctor can only give proper information about the necessary changes from medicines to food. If you have more than one disease, or are taking medicines for other health problems, then tell the doctor.

Isolate yourself from family

To protect the family from the risk of infection, isolating themselves is very important. If you have been advised to do a home quarantine, then some rules should be followed. Otherwise, inform the officials and wait till they take the next step. If there are many people living in your quarters, and cannot isolate yourself alone, then quarantine yourself in a well ventilated room. Which has a separate bathroom.

Separate the items to be used for the next two weeks. Do not share the vessel with other family members at any cost. Your family members should also have a Kovid-19 check to avoid the risk of infection. People living under the same roof should quarantine for at least one week.

Decide your caretaker

However, even if your infection is minor and you have been allowed to recover at home, the Kovid-19 patient will still need someone’s help. Ideally, the caretaker should be someone who is young and healthy. Apart from this, he should not have any health problems beforehand. If you live alone at home, then a colleague becomes very important. Helpful for food, groceries, medicines, emergencies should stand with you.

What kind of treatment will be needed

The answer to the question depends on the symptoms and severity of the infection. Different Kovid-19 patients need different treatment plans. The presence of an oximeter provides the facility to check the oxygen level in the blood. Therefore, if you have blood pressure or sugar problems, then the blood pressure monitor and glucometer should be nearby.

What kind of symptoms should one see

It is necessary to detect symptoms within two weeks of becoming infected. Experts say that the signs and severity of infection can increase within 5-10 days of infection. Your immune system starts getting tired on the 8-9th day and you may have to face a dangerous situation. If patients do not notice a decrease in symptoms during this period, they may be asked to undergo additional tests. Attention should be paid to signs such as respiratory rate, discomfort, trouble breathing. Changing symptoms daily and checking the pulse can also be helpful.

When should the quarantine time end

So far, 14 days is considered sufficient to finish the quarantine. After this the isolation also ends. Ask your doctor and take necessary measures. Sanitize living space. Disassemble the surrounding area by separating waste. You should take these measures before the time of Islochen is over.

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