Technology Coronavirus: the influence of temperatures on the virus

Coronavirus: the influence of temperatures on the virus

According to a study, the sun’s rays or on the contrary the bites of winter can influence the spread of the coronavirus. This study looks at the small droplets in the air, in which the virus clings. A subsidiary of Météo France has developed a tool to determine the atmosphere in which these droplets remain in suspension for a long time. “When it’s extremely cold, these droplets can’t stay in suspension, they’ll fall to the ground. When it’s very hot, it’s the same. Either it’s hot and dry, they evaporate. Hot and humid. , they fall to the ground “, explains Alix Roumagnac, president of Predict Services.

The researchers developed a climate index by combining humidity and temperature. Thus, temperatures between -3 and 13 degrees and a humidity between 60 and 90% would be ideal conditions for the droplets to remain in suspension, and for the virus to circulate. Other studies have also shown that the coronavirus spreads more slowly when exposed to a high level of ultraviolet light.

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