Life Style Coronavirus: What is Long Kovid and how it has affected the health of patients, identify the symptoms in this way

Coronavirus: What is Long Kovid and how it has affected the health of patients, identify the symptoms in this way

Most cases of corona infection resolve in 3 to 4 weeks but most of the Kovid-19 patients have long Kovid. For a long time, the victims of Kovid-19 can have a very bad mental effect. It can last for several weeks and also affects recovery. However, there is no scientific definition of long covid. Actually, even after recovering from Kovid, the long term experience of symptoms can be called long Kovid.

The most shocking thing is that the symptom can strike even those people who have mild kovid. Earlier studies have also shown that the presence of long covid can also be determined by the symptoms that often develop in the patient in the first week of infection. Here we are telling you about some of the most common long covid symptoms.


Those people who have become victims of Kovid are more tired than others. Fatigue can also be felt in those who have mild symptoms of kavid. On the other hand, fatigue and tiredness take the most time to recover after corona infection. Therefore, it is very important for the body to get enough rest. Along with this it is necessary to take a liquid diet. Eat a good diet to recover from corona infection and go to work only after recovering. This will make matters worse.

Muscle aches

Long covid patients often complain of muscle pain, joint pain, and weakness. In some Kovid patients, body pain may occur along with muscle pain. Actually this virus is caused by damage to the fibers of muscles and abnormal tissue breakdown in the body.

Heart damage

In long covid patients, intestines, kidneys, lungs and heart can be damaged. In these, cases of depression, restlessness are also seen after recovery.

Shortness of breath

Difficulty in breathing, or experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort while breathing can be a sign of worsening of Kovid’s symptoms. It can also persist for a long time and affects the quality of life. Since COVID-19 affects lung function and puts additional pressure on the chest and lung passages, shortness of breath and chest pain can usually be experienced. In such a situation, a sick, stressful body takes longer to perform essential tasks and this can be especially bad for someone who is suffering from chronic lung infection and respiratory problems.

Effect on organos

Long covid can also damage the organs of young people and healthy people. This has also been said in a recent study. According to the study, after 4 months of patients with corona infected low-risk group, many organos have suffered damage.

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Kovid-19 can also be effectively diagnosed with self-cleaved samples of saliva, the study revealed.

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