Infotech Covid-19: an “immediate” work stoppage available from this Sunday, without a day of waiting

Covid-19: an “immediate” work stoppage available from this Sunday, without a day of waiting

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced Thursday, the measure is now effective. Since this Sunday, a person with symptoms or being in contact with a coronavirus patient will be able to register on the Health Insurance website to obtain a work stoppage “Immediate” compensated without a waiting day. Goal ? “Gain in efficiency” facing Covid-19, according to the Prime Minister.

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Until now, some employees preferred to continue working while having symptoms or having been in contact so as not to lose a day of waiting in the event of a work stoppage.

“The elimination of the waiting day will encourage employees to isolate themselves more quickly”, explained in a statement the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne. Because “The fear of financial loss, especially for the most precarious people”, constitutes one of the first obstacles to isolation, observes the “Safe”.

“From January 10, as soon as you have symptoms or you are in contact, you just have to register on the Health Insurance website to obtain an immediate compensated work stoppage without a waiting period”, the Prime Minister said at a press conference.

Supporting document to download

The employees concerned must declare themselves online, on (or for agricultural workers). They will then be able to download a supporting document to send to their employer.

“Doctors will no longer have to establish a work stoppage for these patients, at the risk if not that the latter are not subject to a waiting period”, said Health Insurance, which “Will ensure regular checks to prevent any misuse of this new teleservice”.

As for people “Contact case”, identified as such under the “Contact tracing” Health Insurance, they must continue to use the teleservice already in place for this situation ( If their test is positive and they cannot telework , “They will enter into the new system” and “Will benefit, from the day after the date of obtaining the test result”, a sick leave without waiting period, specified the “Safe”.

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“Uncontrolled absenteeism”

A measure that worries the Confederation of small and medium-sized enterprises which fears “Uncontrolled absenteeism”.

“The CPME is worried about the possible consequences of this announcement which amounts to confirming the automatic nature of the work stoppage in the event of supposed symptoms, without any medical check-up or prior test”, explained the employers’ organization in a press release.

The organization called on the government to set up “A framework avoiding abuses of all kinds”, because according to her the measure “Would be likely to lead to a very sharp increase in sick leaves and would open the door to uncontrolled absenteeism which could disrupt companies”.

Faced with these concerns, the Prime Minister’s services told AFP that anyone showing symptoms or being in contact with “Would have the obligation, to prolong his immediate work stoppage, to take a test”. In the event of a positive test, the sick leave will continue and in the event of a negative test, it will be immediately discontinued, they added.

“Health insurance will carry out a systematic follow-up with two to three phone calls over 7 days”, also specified the Prime Minister. “Each person declared positive will be offered a home visit from January 20 by a nurse. “Finland, the country that watches the Covid-19

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