Entrepreneur Covid-19: Byola boxes decontaminate thanks to light

Covid-19: Byola boxes decontaminate thanks to light

In the spring of 2020, the pandemic germinated in Patrick gonod, CEO of Silver Logo, the idea of ​​creating an industrial device for disinfecting wheelchairs that this company manufactures in Echirolles, in Isère. Less than a year later, it is in Moselle that the project materializes with the imminent establishment of the company. Byola in the urban district of Faulquemont. “Our project has evolved towards the decontamination of other objects. We are aiming for ISO 13485 accreditation, which validates the reliability of medical devices and should enable us to establish ourselves as a leader in this sector ”, projects Joseph Colletta, general manager of Byola. SAS brings together six partners with solid experience in industry and research.

Validated in partnership with the University of Lorraine, the process used consists of placing the objects to be decontaminated in boxes, then irradiating them using UVC disinfection lamps which neutralize not only Covid-19, but also Clostridium, a particularly tough bacterial genus, and helps prevent nosocomial diseases.

Toy disinfection

The young company has developed four types of cases, two of which have already passed the prototype stage. The first, offered at a price of 2,500 euros, can quickly disinfect glasses tried at the optician, keys or cell phones. The second, offered around 3,000 euros, disinfects without damaging the soft toys and small toys that children exchange in nurseries and kindergartens. This application earned Byola its very first customers, the communities who see it as a time saver : today, specialized agents (Atsem) manually disinfect each object several times a day.

The boxes being developed will allow clothing stores to decontaminate clothing not retained when leaving the fitting room, as well as wheelchairs and even stretchers. Each new study expands the fields of application. The banks, including Bpifrance, are aware of this and are following us ”, rejoices Joseph Colletta. Supported to the tune of 200,000 euros by the Regional Council of the Grand Est, Byola will settle in April in 1,400 square meters, including 400 of offices. The start-up is targeting a workforce of 50 employees for a turnover of 10 million euros in 2025.

Byola in brief

Creation date : 2020

President : Patrick gonod

Turnover: 600,000 euros

Effective : 7 people

Sector: disinfection

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