Technology Covid-19: is the marketing of a vaccine really imminent?

Covid-19: is the marketing of a vaccine really imminent?

Pfizer did not wait until the end of clinical trials to announce it. The American group and the German laboratory BioNTech have found a vaccine that is “90%” effective against Covid-19. This is undeniably very good news, coming moreover from a serious and reputable laboratory. But we must not forget that these are intermediate results, fallen only seven days after the first injection of the vaccine. A very short deadline, which does not allow to answer all the questions.

In total, Pfizer has tested its vaccine on nearly 45,000 volunteers. But, in detail, we do not know its effectiveness on the elderly, who respond less well to vaccines.

Last element to take into account: the vaccine storage conditions. They are particularly delicate, because it must be stored at a very low temperature: -70 ° C, against 4 ° C for the flu vaccine, for example. For all these reasons, Pfizer’s announcement does not mean that a vaccine will be available to the general public in the coming weeks. Ideally, we’ll have access to it in the first quarter of 2021.

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