Technology Covid-19: “Order and disorder are linked, useful and important”

Covid-19: “Order and disorder are linked, useful and important”

Today, the coronavirus is the rhythm of people’s lives. Are the measures taken the right ones? “If I reason as a physicist, I say that the virus is not yet known, we don’t know how to treat it, we don’t have a vaccine, so what do we do? protect yourself and not catch it. When we didn’t have a mask, we were confined, now it’s a little months, heavy “, recognizes Catherine Bréchignac. Only a vaccine can “save” us? “There are lots of things, vaccines, antivirals, but for the moment we don’t have any. It should be a more or less rapid solution”, adds Catherine Bréchignac.

In his book of Sardines and diamonds, the usefulness of order and disorder, Catherine Bréchignac delivers an almost philosophical look at science. When we go deep, we can find an order. For her, the virus bursts into our societal order and creates disorder. “It is inherent in seeing order and disorder. Life would not exist without order, but neither would it exist without disorder. Order is in a way the skeleton, and disorder, movement ( …) The two are linked, are useful, very important. In the current era, with the Covid, it is a disorder that will be very useful for the future because history always repeats itself “, describes the scientist.

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