Life Style Covid-19 Vaccine: Pfizer’s Vaccine Approved in Britain, But Why Delay in America?

Covid-19 Vaccine: Pfizer’s Vaccine Approved in Britain, But Why Delay in America?

Covid-19 vaccine: Angry Americans want to know why Pfizer’s Kovid-19 vaccine has been approved in the UK and not in the US, while all of its work, especially from the making, has been funded in the US. On Wednesday, the British health authorities said that they have approved the use of the vaccine and soon the work of delivering the most needy patients will begin. The German company BioNotech’s vaccine was made in the US but first got approval in the UK.

Why is the Pfizer vaccine not approved in America yet?

American company Pfizer provided funds to develop the vaccine. In the US, the Food Drug Administration says that neither Moderna nor Pfizer will have a meeting to consider approving emergency use of the vaccine by December 10. FDA chief Stephen Han has stated that it is taking longer to approve them because it will be determined by looking at the raw data than by relying on the conclusion of the drug company.

President Donald Trump has pressured the FDA to launch the vaccine rapidly. Sources say Trump and other White House officials are angry that the vaccine has been recognized abroad before being cleared on American soil. A source says that it is foolish to imagine that the European Union or Britain can allow a vaccine developed in America?

US administration angry over delay in Kovid-19 vaccine

Doctor Han was called to explain to the White House why it is taking time to get the vaccine approved so far. He did not say anything on the question of meeting the President at the White House on Tuesday. When asked about the pressure on the vaccine from the Trump administration, he just said, “The conversation was fantastic.”

He said that different groups of scientists are currently engaged in testing Pfizer’s raw data. Some scientists will test the safety, other scientists will detect the effect. On December 10, scientists of all the groups will gather together to consider their conclusion and present it to the advisory council.

Han did not criticize the British authorities but suggested that the agency was taking much larger steps to test the data. Pfizer says that his vaccine is 95 percent effective and Moderna has declared his vaccine to be 94 percent safe. Another brand, AstraZeneca, has considered its vaccine to be 70 percent effective. Operation Warp is being run in the US to arrange for the manufacture and distribution of the Kovid-19 vaccine. Operation Warp Speed ​​aims to achieve 300 million doses of the effective and safe vaccine of Kovid-19 by January 2021.

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