Infotech Creation of the first CGT union for the defense of two-wheel delivery men in Paris

Creation of the first CGT union for the defense of two-wheel delivery men in Paris

The first union of “Two-wheeler delivery companies in Paris” was created on Saturday June 26 to defend independent platform workers and provide them with a “Power of action”, announced Saturday one of its representatives to AFP.

This union, affiliated to the CGT, aims to “Bring together delivery people from different platforms to be representative and make our voice heard”Mandjou Karaboue, elected secretary general on Saturday and himself a delivery man, told AFP.

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“More than demands, we will now have the power to act to enforce the law”, he continued.

Among the priority actions of this structure, Mandjou Karaboue cited “Taking into account the daily work accidents of two-wheelers”, and “The fight against racism that can be suffered from some customers”.

Other already existing structures in Bordeaux or Lyon

Some 70 delivery people from different platforms (Uber Eats, Frichti, Deliveroo…) took part in its founding congress on Saturday morning in Paris, according to Ludovic Rioux of the CGT national collective of delivery people, on which this union will depend.

This is the eighth local structure specific to the defense of two-wheeled platform deliverers, already created in particular in Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lyon.

Its ambition is “To organize the work of delivery men at the local level, to improve their working conditions, and to work for the regularization of undocumented migrants”, very numerous among these two-wheeled couriers, a highly precarious sector, argued Mr. Rioux.

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In a statement, the delivery men in Paris underlined their “Desire to organize for the conquest of new rights, as opposed to employers’ policies to destroy social gains which they are paying the price for: misappropriation of employee status, fraud on social contributions, hidden work”.

Last week, around fifty couriers, mostly black, gathered at Place de la République at the call of the Collective of independent Parisian delivery people of platforms (Clap) to denounce discrimination and say “Stop insults, attacks, racism, contempt, devaluation”.

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