Entrepreneur Crosscall will supply the anti-shock telephones for the police

Crosscall will supply the anti-shock telephones for the police

After equipping SNCF agents last year, the creator of the Crosscall waterproof smartphones has just been awarded another strategic contract following the Neo call for tenders launched by the Ministry of the Interior: the equipment for four years of the gendarmerie and the national police. The Aix-en-Provence-based manufacturer won a duo with Orange Business Services. It will deliver 200,000 mobile phones and 20,000 tablets to law enforcement by 2022.

This public order rewards the company’s efforts to diversify into professional markets. Created in 2009, Crosscall is best known to outdoor sports enthusiasts, seduced by the strength and durability of its devices capable of withstanding falls from several meters, diving in white water or withstanding a sandstorm.

Their “breakage return rate” does not exceed 3%, against 20% for competing terminals, and their average lifespan is thirty-nine months, double that of the market, says the Aix group. What also seduce the ultra-demanding telecommunications markets. “Companies only covered 20% of our sales in 2017, they now cover half”, Explain Cyril Vidal, Founding President of Crosscall.

20 million in research

To give ourselves every chance to meet demand, the company has strengthened its research resources. It devotes 20 million euros to it with a team of 60 people and has created a department specializing in the tailor-made design of hard and soft products.

For this contract requiring flawless software security, Orange’s support was nevertheless decisive. The operator delivered an “open source” Android operating system that allows its customer to install its own layer of security to encrypt communications and secure mobile applications.

“In addition to our communication solutions (voice, text, photo, video), agents will have access to more than sixty business applications, to verify in real time an identity or the validity of a driving license for example. They will also be able to draw up a report and access the administrative and legal bases ”, explains the group.

Crosscall is now in working order to strengthen its position in foreign markets where it now generates 15% of its turnover, mainly in Europe and Africa. It aims to multiply this share by more than three in five years. After making a turnover of 81 million euros last year, the SME is targeting 140 million in 2021.

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