Entrepreneur CSR: Mão Boa digitizes commitment to impact in companies

CSR: Mão Boa digitizes commitment to impact in companies

How to give back meaning to work? With the health crisis, more and more employees have upped their demand for value. Teleworking has strongly affected team dynamics and employee engagement in the company “, Explain Maxime Marchand, president and founder of the Marseille start-up Mão Boa. Called #proudtoimpact, its collaborative impact engagement solution is a digital platform, presented in a fun form, which concretely offers to support associative projects by taking up challenges related to the company’s CSR policy.

Employees meet in teams of 6 to 10 people around the association project of their choice on issues of solidarity, the environment or education. A new challenge is presented to them every week : individually delete 50 MB of data on the server, go to work in low carbon mode, etc. Each challenge taken up is rewarded with points, transformed into euros to finance the initiative chosen at the end of the challenge..

“With this device, we mobilize human capital, motivation and commitment in the transformation of companies. Those who succeed in building a more inclusive and sustainable model will be the best equipped to face future challenges ”, he explains. According to a Cone Communications survey, 55% of employees say that social or environmental commitment is now a criterion as or even more important than the level of salary.


In Blue Square, a building engineering services group, the solution was deployed for 12 weeks at the start of the second lockdown. More than 87% of the 35 employees used it. “The challenges have made it possible to keep the link and to create dynamics during these teleworking times, and to stimulate the sustainable transformation of the group”, testifies its general manager, Aurélie Bois-Macherey.

Several associations took advantage of this mobilization, including Apprentis d’Auteuil, Architects Without Borders and Planète Mer. Since its launch, #proudtoimpact has enabled client companies and their employees toavoid more than 4 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, and to collect several thousand euros for partner associations.

Creation date : 2019

President : Maxime Marchand

Effective : 2 persons

Sector: HR

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