Entrepreneur Dalma, Japhy, Reglo: these start-ups that pamper animals

Dalma, Japhy, Reglo: these start-ups that pamper animals

If humans can’t take it anymore, animals want more. Thanks to the health crisis, synonymous with repeated confinements and the generalization of teleworking, the French have never spent so much time with their pets. And, while the question of animal welfare is increasingly fueling political debates, they do not hesitate to dip into their savings to pamper them with healthy products or to insure them against the risks of accident or disease. .

The latter practice is, for the moment, marginal in France (6% of dog and cat owners have taken out insurance, against around 50% in Sweden), but the start-up Dalma is convinced that the market will grow rapidly. For this, she has just made a fundraising of 2 million euros with Frst and Global Founders Capital to launch 100% digital pet insurance.

Strong digital experience

Our mission is to help the French take care of their pets. They shouldn’t have to choose between their pet’s health and their wallet », Insists Alban de Préville, who co-founded Dalma in 2020 with Raphael Sadaka, a former colleague from Frichti. Insurtech offers several subscription plans (starting at 7.99 euros per month for cats and 10.99 euros for dogs), covering various costs (accident, illness, vaccine, osteopath, etc.).

We have made an effort on the price because it is the first obstacle to the adoption of health insurance in France », Insists Alban de Préville, while recalling that the products offered by traditional players are around 25% more expensive. ” In return, we will have to be very efficient in operations.

Like Alan, Dalma wants to create a fluid digital experience to make a name for herself. The young growth will launch in the coming weeks an application which will make it possible to obtain refunds in 48 hours thanks to the sending of invoices online or to ask questions to veterinarians. ” The context is promising for petspace players. Dog and cat adoptions increased in Europe after first lockdown, animal health costs rising », Slips Alban de Préville. Dalma is targeting 5,000 customers by the end of the year.

Better feed the animals

The French are also increasingly sensitive to the composition of the food products they give to their animals. Enough to whet the appetite of start-ups who want to shake up a market dominated by the behemoths Mars Petcare and Nestlé Purina. This is for example the case of Japhy, which raised 7 million euros to develop a subscription dog food service.

Our recipes are personalized according to breed, weight, age, need for activity or even dog allergies., Explain Thomas chabrier, the co-founder of Japhy. Our algorithm then determines the ideal portions to send to the master’s home. Not many people know it, but obesity affects about one in three dogs. »A more balanced diet thus reduces health costs. In May, Japhy will launch its first dry cat food and is aiming for a international expansion in 2022.

Environmental issue

Beyond health, animal products also represent a big environmental challenge. It is for this reason that Basile Laigre founded the start-up Reglo, which has been marketing kibble from insect proteins since June 2020. The nutritional virtues of insects are now well recognized. The breeding of flies or beetles also has the advantage of emitting much less greenhouse gases than that of livestock (beef, poultry, pork), and is less water-intensive.

The market is extremely buoyant: we already have more than 1,500 customers », Says Basile Laigre. In France, Tomojo and Entoma Petfood are also positioned in this niche. Faced with the offensive of petfood start-ups, large groups are not standing idly by: Nestlé Purina and Royal Canin are also starting to sell insect protein products.

Solidarity with entrepreneurs

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