Top Stories Dead and wounded in Ibb, as a result of a dispute over a plot of land and a massive fire in a store

Dead and wounded in Ibb, as a result of a dispute over a plot of land and a massive fire in a store

A citizen was killed and four others were injured, some of them in critical condition in Ibb governorate, central Yemen, in light of the security chaos in the governorate that is under the control of the Houthi coup militia.

Local sources said that five people were killed and wounded in a village in the “Al-Rabadi” district of the Jableh district, southwest of the city of Ibb, due to disagreements over a plot of land, between cousins, the point of fighting developed and the deaths and injuries sustained.

The sources added that the dead man was called “Fahd Amin Saleh Ahmed,” while “Nasr Amin Saleh Ahmed”, “Muhammad Amin Saleh Ahmed” and “Khalil Abdul Malik Saleh Ahmed” were accused of killing the victim’s cousin, “Fahd Amin.”

Activists published a video clip explaining the killing and fighting that occurred between the two parties, and the incident met widespread dissatisfaction due to the security chaos in the governorate, in addition to the absence of any role for the judiciary, which is a major reason for not resolving issues of disputes and lands, which drives people to resort to arms and the use of force.

In another incident, a huge fire broke out in a warehouse belonging to a merchant in the Jableh junction, south of Ibb.

Eyewitnesses said that the fire was large and lasted for hours and caused great material losses, in the absence of any role for the relevant civil defense authorities, which are under the control of the Houthi militia.

Activists largely criticized the civil defense, which is under the control of the militia, which came at the end of the fire and did not have the extinguishing equipment, and brought water without “foam” to extinguish and caused losses as that water was sprayed on the stores that the fire did not reach, while the people of the neighborhood and citizens made efforts Mighty fire extinguishing.

In a third incident, a young man was subjected to an armed robbery by three gunmen who cut the young man, Sultan Nassari, near Khalid School in Al-Mashnah District in Ibb city.

And local sources reported that the gunmen looted his phones, personal belongings, and securities, amid repeated incidents of interruption, looting, and robbery against citizens in the various directorates of the governorate, in light of the overwhelming chaos in the governorate.

Regarding the violations, the Houthi militia kidnapped two citizens and took them to its prisons in Ibb city.


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