Auto Debs: “Behbehani Motors” enhances the skills of its employees

Debs: “Behbehani Motors” enhances the skills of its employees

Behbehani Motors Company, the exclusive representative of the Porsche, Volkswagen and Skoda brands in Kuwait, has concluded its talent development training program for 2021, which was designed and implemented in cooperation with the Continuing Education Center of the American University of Kuwait, with the aim of developing the capabilities of employees in many business sectors.

The program included 7 training modules that were launched at the beginning of the year, from which the participants graduated in November, and achieved very satisfactory results in terms of the participants’ interaction and benefit from its content, at a time when the company confirmed that it aims to implement this program every year to attract larger numbers of graduates to it.

Director of Human Resources and Quality Assurance Department at Behbehani Motors, Elie Debs, said that the company always seeks to empower its employees with new skills, by giving them new opportunities to gain knowledge and grow in their careers to take on new positions and responsibilities within it.

Debs added that the program was designed to enhance the concept of joint cooperation in one team between employees working in different jobs and sectors, indicating that through training programs such as the Talent Development Program, Behbehani Motors aims to motivate its employees more, improve job satisfaction levels, and increase productivity. To continue to exceed the expectations of its customers for its services, noting that what added value to this program is the cooperation with the American University of Kuwait, which is one of the leading academic institutions in Kuwait.

Debs pointed out that the employees who graduated from the Talent Development Program for 2021 occupy various positions in the company’s sectors, at a time when the training program units focused on different skills, the most important of which are flexible leadership skills, reading financial statements, professional writing, the art of negotiation, and the ability to manage time.

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