Top Stories Defense: The military institution is the mainstay for restoring the state and the faithful guardian of the homeland

Defense: The military institution is the mainstay for restoring the state and the faithful guardian of the homeland

The Minister of Defense, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Al-Maqdashi, stressed that the military institution is the mainstay for restoring and building the state, the faithful guardian of the homeland, its gains and its constants, and the guarantor bet for preserving local and regional security and stability, and the true partner in the fight against terrorism and extremism.

The Minister of Defense, while attending today, the closing ceremony of the training course for the training staff of the armed forces, which was set up by the Training and Qualification Authority at the Ministry of Defense, said, “The process of preparing and building for army personnel is a priority for the military leadership, which is keen to build a fighter armed with science, knowledge and national doctrine to qualify him to carry out his duties and tasks.” efficiently and competently.”

Al-Maqdashi congratulated the participants in the course, thanking the organizers and the training staff.. He conveyed to all the greetings of the political leadership represented by His Excellency President Marshal Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, President of the Republic, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.. stressing the importance of redoubling efforts and training and rehabilitation programs and strengthening coordination, integration and linkage Military institutions in various forces and regions, and keenness to keep pace with the developments of the times and benefit from the experiences of others in a way that contributes to enhancing scientific and practical performance.. praising the attention and care given by the political leadership of the armed forces and its continuous follow-up to the construction process according to correct national and scientific foundations and standards.

The Minister of Defense praised the valor of the heroes of the army and the resistance in various fields who are fighting the war in defense of the nation’s honor and Arab identity, and are making precious sacrifices in order to confront the plans and ambitions of Iran and its Houthi militias… expressing pride and pride in the growing national awareness of Yemenis and their support for the republican project and their adherence to the eternal September references. praising the support and efforts of the brothers in the coalition to support legitimacy and the joint forces supporting the Yemeni people and their armed forces to confront the Iranian project and its expansionist ambitions.

For his part, the Deputy Head of the Training and Rehabilitation Authority at the Ministry of Defense, Major General Ahmed Al-Absi, indicated in his speech that this course comes within the training plan for the year 2021, in which the participants received qualitative lectures and were interspersed with workshops, and said, “The course was attended by training staff from all regions, units, schools and centers. military”.

While the Director of the Training Division in the second region, Colonel Nasser Salem Omar, gave the graduates’ speech, and the Director of the Training Division in the first region, Colonel Abdul Qader Saleh Mohsen Bahkam, delivered a matrix of recommendations and suggestions.. stressing that the participants would transfer the knowledge and experiences they learned to the fields and sites of sacrifice and that they would remain Faithful to the covenant and the oath they made upon themselves, no matter the cost.

At the conclusion of the event, which was attended by a number of directors of the Ministry of Defense departments, the participants in the course were honored with certificates of appreciation.


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