Entrepreneur DentalMonitoring raises 150 million and joins the unicorn club

DentalMonitoring raises 150 million and joins the unicorn club

Those who have already had to undergo orthodontic treatment – or have their children followed – know that very often, it is not an easy task. Overworked professionals, monthly meetings in the middle of the day… It is to resolve this problem of “desynchronization between the clinical act and the need for care” that Philippe Salah launched his start-up in 2014: DentalMonitoring.

Seven years later DentalMonitoring, thanks to a fundraising of 150 million dollars from Mérieux Equity Partners and Vitruvian Partners, announced this Thursday, is now valued at more than one billion dollars. She becomes a new unicorn made in France. “We are also the first unicorn in the world dental market, which is a market usually monopolized by the United States! »Rejoices the co-founder and CEO, Philippe Salah.

Their innovation: “a small plastic device, which is used a bit like augmented reality glasses, but on the mouth”, explains the graduate in molecular biophysics. This device will take “around fifty intra-oral images”, which are sent to the DentalMonitoring platform fed by artificial intelligence. Gingivitis, broken device … With this solution, “the doctor can monitor remotely and almost in real time what is happening in the patient’s mouth”, and therefore quickly estimate whether a new appointment is to be scheduled.

Protected by over 200 patents

Three years of development and 60 million euros of initial investment in R & D were necessary to develop this connected care offer, protected by more than 200 patents. The company has more than 400 employees in 18 countries and 9 offices including Paris, Austin, London, Sydney and Hong Kong.

“Our last turnover was a little less than 100 million euros, but we have made 200% growth per year in recent years,” says Philippe Salah, specifying that his company would be profitable if it did not. was not “opening up new markets”.

The entrepreneur is counting on this new fundraising to “expand all sales and support functions”, as well as to continue investing in R & D. “Invisalign, the largest dental company, took thirteen years to reach its first million patients, we only took three years. Today, there are 12 million patients, for 56 billion stock market valuation… I tell myself that by being very ambitious, we can catch up with them in three or four more years! »Bet the CEO.

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