Infotech Devialet launches its first wireless headphones

Devialet launches its first wireless headphones

Few of the companies whose name turns into an adjective. And the singularity is even truer for French nuggets. However, this is the success that Devialet has achieved, whose hi-fi technologies are now referred to as ” the Devialet sound », Both in Free’s latest internet box and in the speakers created in partnership with Huawei or Belkin. This recognition marks the change in dimension of what is no longer really a start-up, whose growth is characterized today with the launch of wireless headphones.

Devialet, the purity of sound

Here are the Gemini, Bluetooth (“true wireless”) in-ear headphones (“earbuds”) with an active noise reduction (“ANC”) function. Technical anglicisms to designate elegant little black bitonials, to slip into the hollow of the ear, to enjoy a noise-canceling bubble – and of course its music! The sound quality appears excellent, with perfect clarity whatever the musical style (we can clearly see the variations of the classic and benefit from the bass of hip-hop).

Our line is to bring the Devialet sound experience to as many people as possible, insists Franck Lebouchard, CEO of the brand. The technology is very different from our Phantom speakers, and we had to start practically from scratch for the sound architecture, but we find our algorithms and our processing so special.

In this area, Devialet has worked particularly on noise reduction, in order to adapt the sound as well as possible permanently to each ear. Thus, 8000 times per second, each earphone tracks any “sound leak”, in order to apply the best treatment to the signal. Result: barely the tips threaded, we are immediately rid of the work next door or the purring of the metro. It is very effective – nevertheless difficult to tell by ear if it is more or less effective than with a competitor. ” I assure you that we are better », Tries Franck Lebouchard with a masked smile.

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On the other hand, we regret a fairly classic design for the headphones, and especially a bulky charging box. On this last point, the boss underlines a particularity: the possibility of opening the case to remove the battery (in order to change it or to recycle it). We note in passing the promise of an autonomy of 24 hours, via three recharges of the headphones.

Gemini headphones in their box

After a brief grip, it is difficult to pronounce a verdict on these Gemini in the face of increasingly heavy competition (of course Apple, but also Sony, Sennheiser, Bose, etc.) – the market is booming (+17 % per year). We note, however, that Devialet is aligned with market prices, with a price of 299 euros. A first for the manufacturer whose speakers start at 990 euros.

The Gemini are our turning point, with the desire to now offer a new product every six months », Continues Franck Lebouchard.

This stage of diversification and occupation of the media space appears essential for the company of 350 employees (including 100 engineers), whose sales are now made largely in Asia (China has overtaken the United States and imposed as second country, South Korea as fourth). ” We want to continue to develop in Asia and strengthen our partnerships », Insists the boss. All while remaining a French nugget, whose production of headphones is nevertheless carried out in China.

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