Life Style Diabetes Symptoms: Changing color of the skin, may be a symptom of diabetes

Diabetes Symptoms: Changing color of the skin, may be a symptom of diabetes

Skin Color Change: Due to aging and poor lifestyle, people are falling prey to diabetes at an early age. Although many times people do not pay attention to the symptoms of diabetes, which can be very harmful for health. Diabetes affects your overall health, increasing blood sugar can lead to diseases like heart, kidney and blood pressure. The eyes of a diabetic patient also become weak. Symptoms of diabetes also start appearing on the skin. Our skin gives many such signals which indicate that blood sugar is increasing in the body. Today we are telling you the symptoms of diabetes visible on the skin.

These symptoms of diabetes are visible on the skin

1- If there are dark black spots on your body, then it can be a sign of diabetes.
2- If black patches form in your throat or underarm and feel soft on touching them, then it is a sign of increasing blood sugar.
3- In medical language it is called acanthosis nigricans. These are signs of increased insulin in the blood.
4- Due to diabetes, itching or pain starts on the skin.
5- If you are having a lot of pimples or are having such a rash, then these are signs of diabetes.
6- If there are yellow, red or brown spots on the skin, then these are symptoms of pre-diabetes. This is called necrobiosis lipodica.
7- Wounds do not heal for a long time when blood sugar increases. Due to which the nerves can be damaged and there is also a problem in blood circulation.
8- If you are feeling more dryness in the skin, then it can be a symptom of diabetes.

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