Technology Dinosaurs: discovery of a new species, Australotitan

Dinosaurs: discovery of a new species, Australotitan



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It would have been the size of a basketball court: a huge dinosaur was discovered in Australia, and has been identified as a new species, one of the largest known dinosaurs on Earth.

It is indeed the largest terrestrial animal that has never set foot on the planet’s soil. An unknown species that Australian researchers have discovered a few centimeters from the depths in the desert of the northeast of the continent. Ground frozen for millions of years. The first bones were unearthed ten years ago, pieces sometimes reaching two meters and weighing more than 100 kilos, like reconstructed femurs.

The herbivore was 30 meters long and seven meters high. He could reach the weight of ten elephants. Although many pieces are already in the museum, the reconstruction of the puzzle of his skeleton is still in progress. Her name ? Australotitan. He lived 100 million years ago, when the reign of the great reptiles ended. At the time, the Australian continent had barely stood out from the rest. Australotitan, it is a hypothesis, could hardly colonize the place.

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