Life Style Disease caused by wrath of planets

Disease caused by wrath of planets

Disease And Astrology : There are many powers in the human body. Let us understand which disease is caused by the wrath of which planet and what are the remedies to pacify the planet. Like the two eyes are ruled by the Sun and the Moon. Two nostrils are ruled by Mercury and Venus. Two ears are ruled by Saturn and Mars. Speech is dominated by the Guru. The excretory organs are ruled by Rahu Ketu. Thus it becomes clear to us that there are many powers in the human body. Let us understand which disease is caused by the wrath of which planet and what are the remedies to pacify the planet.

healing sun
If the Sun, the king of planets, is in a position giving adverse effects in the horoscope, then the person does not become healthy. Sun affects the life force, heart, eyes, teeth, bones and bile in the body. Sun is a heating planet, it is also a factor of fever. If the sun becomes irritable, there is a strong possibility of calcium deficiency in the body. In which the amount of D-3 in particular is often very low. At the same time, there are problems with the teeth of the person, the teeth start to remain yellow and dirty. Eye diseases also start giving trouble. Heart disease is the result of excessive displeasure of the Sun. Whenever the Sun planets give adversity, it has been seen that the relationship with the father deteriorates. Due to ideological differences with the father, the situation reaches till the difference of mind.

First of all, to please the Sun, it is very necessary to respect the father. Even if the father is angry on anything, then he should remain calm while respecting him. Surya’s displeasure is reduced by the service of the father. Efforts should be made to keep the father happy by serving him and while going out of the house, touch his feet and leave.

Surya Namaskar should be done in front of the rising sun every day. If Surya Namaskar is not possible, then offer water to Surya Narayan with a copper vessel. If red flowers are available, they can also be put in water.

Moon- If the Moon is afflicted in the horoscope ie spoiled, then first of all the mind gets spoiled. A state of confusion persists in the mind. The deviation of the mind becomes so much that the blood pressure remains above or below normal. Due to the problem of blood pressure, problems like headache and sleeplessness occur. The effect of Moon’s displeasure affects the heart, body water, lungs, stomach, blood pressure, chest, phlegm. You may have to face problems like cold, watery eyes, psychosis, pneumonia, eosinophilia and excess phlegm in the body. Children whose moon is disturbed, they keep getting cold very soon. Which can also affect the health of the mother.

Mother’s blessings are very effective to please the moon. The mother’s heart should never be hurt because the moon can never be happy when the mother is sad. If possible, the feet of the mother should be pressed at night. Moon is pleased to spend time with them. To keep Chanda Mama happy, your maternal uncle should also be kept happy. People who have good Moon in their horoscope, they get along well with their maternal uncle.

If to please the moon, after seeing the moon on the full moon night, one should offer Arghya mixed with cow’s milk and water. After offering Arghya, one should take a bath in Jyotsna by standing in front of the moon with bhava. You can also keep fast on Monday or Poornima.

Fortunate – Kuja i.e. Mars affects the tension of blood, marrow, physical strength, menstruation, abortion, courage, ears, brain in the body. Apart from this, due to the wrath of Mars, problems like headache, migraine, brain hemorrhage, high blood pressure can cause problems in the brain. Due to the displeasure of Mars, there is a possibility of physical pain due to accident, fire accident. Often blood related diseases also occur when Mars is afflicted. Due to the deteriorating Mars, mutual love between the brothers turns into bitterness, sometimes the situations become so opposite that the brothers become intent on inflicting physical pain on each other.

To end the anger of Mars, Hanuman Chalisa should be recited with devotion. The anger of Shri Hanuman ji is reduced very quickly by chanting Sitaram. One should regularly chant Sita Ram with Tulsi garland at least 108 times.

If Mars is the lord of positive houses in the horoscope but is weak, then on the advice of the scholar, coral can be worn in a ring of gold or copper metal in the ring finger. Donate wheat, jaggery, copper, gold, coral, red clothes, blood sandalwood, lentils etc. Fast on Tuesday.

wed- Mercury affects the skin, tongue, respiratory tract, arms, bone going from the spine to the brain, bile, memory power and fibers in the body. If Mercury is afflicted then it starts forgetting the things of the person. The general problem of forgetting can also take a wider form. If Mercury is afflicted by Sun or Rahu, then there are skin related diseases. Skin diseases are caused by problems like allergies. The amount of bile also increases, which leads to bile borne diseases. Mausi or mother’s health may also deteriorate if Mercury is more afflicted.

To please Mercury, one should worship Shri Vishnu or Shri Krishna. By doing Vishnu Sahasranama, there is a quick benefit. Tulsi plants should be planted. Donate green clothes, moong, ghee, bronze utensils.

Artists should be respected to please Mercury. The blessings of eunuchs also bring down the malefic effects of Mercury.

Teacher – Liver is mainly caused by the displeasure of the Guru. Apart from this, Jupiter is troubled by obesity, excessive amount of fat in the blood, old phlegm, elephant feet, kidney, tongue, right ear, diabetes and vata diseases. Liver becomes fatty due to Guru’s displeasure. By eating more rich and more sweet food, physical diseases increase the master. Lack of regular routine in Guru also becomes a major cause of diseases.

Donate yellow clothes, turmeric, sugar, gram dal. Dev Guru Brihaspati is pleased by donating books. Worshiping Lord Shrihari also reduces the wrath of the Guru. Wear yellow clothes on Thursday. Looking at the other positions of the planets, topaz can also be worn on the advice of a scholar. Even giving food to the elephant pacifies the guru.

To serve the old, teachers should be respected. The blessings of the gurus bring down the wrath of the guru. It is also beneficial to arrange education for poor children.

Venus- The afflicted Venus gives problems in the growth of the offspring. Apart from this, diseases related to occult diseases, genital, eyes also disturb. People who have diabetes also suffer from their Venus.

Donating white shiny cloth, silver, rice, camphor and white flowers is beneficial. The blessings of the ladies are very beneficial by offering a girl’s banquet. Married men should keep their wife happy, with their good wishes and service, the disease gets cured soon.

If there is a more serious disease condition, then the Goddess should be chanted in the Devi temple. Apart from this, clothes should be offered to Goddess. Excessively sweet food should be avoided.

Saturn- It affects the body’s bone joints, arthritis, paralysis, knees, feet, physical pain, hair problems, fatigue, weakness, wrinkles, air disorders and vata. Shani gives fruits to man according to his deeds. Whatever be the disease, but the pain caused by the disease is given only by Shani. Therefore, in the wrath of Shani, there is a lot of pain both at the mental and physical level.

By donating black clothes, sesame, blanket, sesame oil, shoes, umbrella etc., Shani pacifies. One should have a very humble attitude towards the working class, if the laborer is harmed, then Shani becomes more angry. It is imperative to help the poor.

Doing physical exercise is also a good way to pacify Shani. Shani is also annoyed by living in a lot of ego. To pacify the half-century of Shani, a lamp of sesame or mustard oil should be lit under a Peepal tree on Saturday after sunset.

Rahu- It affects the skin, cancer, blood and vata. Rahu gives problems like infection, bad teeth, worm in the tooth, food poisoning, septicemia, accidental injury, ripening of wounds etc. Rahu works to increase any disease suddenly. Any type of infection can bother you. At the same time, rotting the body parts can cause dangerous problems like septic or cancer in it.

Wool blanket, black clothes, onyx, mustard oil, old iron can be donated. Feeding dogs also pacifies Rahu. Havan material should be donated in Bhairav ​​​​temple every Sunday, this reduces the aggression of Rahu.

Performing any type of Havan pacifies Rahu. Performing Havan and Abhishek proves to be very effective in the wrath of Rahu. Rahu is very happy even by doing evening. The incense should be lit regularly in the houses at the time of sunset in the evening.

Ketu- Ketu affects the blood in the body through the skin of the feet, toes, nervousness. Ketu gives acidity, depression. Doubts also arise because of Ketu. When Ketu is enraged, the person feels that he has got a serious illness, he is going to die, due to this he starts getting confused.

To pacify Ketu, worship of Shri Ganapati is best. If on every Chaturthi, Ganesh ji’s darshan is done in the temple, then it is best. Donate gray clothes, coconut, flag. Worship of Gajanan should be done by sitting in the seat of Kusha.

Those people who have a tradition of wearing Janeu here must wear Janeu.

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