Infotech Display of the origin of meat, alimony… what is changing on March 1

Display of the origin of meat, alimony… what is changing on March 1

Maintenance of the ceiling for restaurant tickets, payment of alimony or even the increase in the price of tobacco… “L’Obs” takes stock of what is changing this Tuesday 1st March.

  • Payment of alimony made easier

From this 1er March, the Caisse Nationale des Allocations Familiales and the Mutualité sociale agricole will facilitate the payment of alimony. Except in the event of refusal by both parents, all maintenance will now be paid via the agency for the collection and intermediation of maintenance payments, which will directly debit the sum from the account of the convicted parent.

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Before, during and after, the women pay the bill for the couple

For the moment, the measure only concerns new pensions decided by a judge in the context of a divorce.

The rise in tobacco prices continues by ten cents on average from 1er March, to reach prices close to 10 euros per pack of cigarettes.

  • The display of the origin of meat made compulsory

All restaurants, school canteens, company restaurants and hospitals will now have to display the origin of their meat, that is to say the places of birth, breeding and slaughter. The measure concerns all animals except beef, which has already been the subject of a similar law that came into force before March.

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In addition to the origin of the meat, the labels must specify whether the meat is fresh, frozen, refrigerated or deep-frozen.

  • The youth employment contract comes into force

The employment contract, intended for young people between 16 and 25 years old (29 years old if they have a disability) without training or employment should allow them to benefit from employment, better integration and financial assistance. .

This new contract will replace the current Youth Guarantee and may be offered by the Local Mission and Pôle Emploi. It provides for the payment of a monthly allowance of up to 500 euros, against 15 to 20 hours of training or support per week for a maximum period of eighteen months.

  • Payment on the inflation bonus

It had been decided by the government following the rise in energy prices. This new inflation allowance of 100 euros net concerns French people who receive a net monthly income of less than 2,000 euros.

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How to protect your savings from inflation

It will be paid no later than 1er March to those who had not yet received it. This will mainly concern retirees, last on the list of beneficiaries.

  • The ceiling for restaurant tickets will not drop before June 30

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The measure was announced on February 28. The restaurant ticket ceiling was to be reduced to 19 euros, but will ultimately remain at 38 euros until June 30. The possibility of using restaurant cards and tickets on weekends and public holidays will also be extended until this date, in order to ” to continue supporting the catering sector and allow their holders to take full advantage of it “, announced the Ministry of the Economy.

People with restaurant tickets valid until the end of 2021 also have the possibility of exchanging them for tickets valid for two more years until March 15, 2022.

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