Entrepreneur Diversity: the new faces of French Tech Tremplin

Diversity: the new faces of French Tech Tremplin

200. This is the number of start-ups that make up the new promotion of French Tech Springboard, the support program dedicated to diverse entrepreneurs. Social, geographic, gender… there are many forms of diversity, but essential for the success of a tech ecosystem, as Silicon Valley demonstrates. “We find that the origins of the bosses of large American tech companies are much more diverse than ours, underlines Cédric O, Secretary of State in charge of digital. And their performance is enough to demonstrate why this is important. We do not do charity, only 25% of the candidate companies were selected. “

Launched in 2017 under the aegis of Mounir Mahjoubi and the French Tech mission, this program seems to have found the right formula after a pivot at the end of 2019. It is split into two parts with a first phase to support entrepreneurs who are starting their project ( French Tech Prepa), then that of incubation. Successful companies receive 30,000 euros and are welcomed within the nurturers that make up the landscape. “With 15 million euros over two years, this is the main budget of the French Tech mission, recalls Cédric O. Equal opportunities is an important focus of government policy, and the sustainability of the ecosystem in the long term is at stake.

To walk the talk, the jury that selected the lucky ones took care to approach parity (40% of women at the head of the selected start-ups), with ages ranging from 19 at 57 years old. It remains to ensure the continuity of this training despite the probable reconfinement, which affects even more severely the populations resulting from these diversities. “We actually lost a few on the way during the preparatory phase, recognizes the Secretary of State. But the goal is to follow each of them well with the partner incubators. We have seen actors like The Determined succeed, we have to do the same. “

Justine Ba, “the ambianceuse”

Justine Ba founder of RoomBâ.

It is enough to exchange a few moments with it to measure it: Justine ba is in a contagious good mood and loves nothing more than to organize festive events. It is not for nothing that she founded RoomBâ, a start-up that facilitates the reservation of public places.

“There are 36,000 municipalities in France, but only 16,000 have a website. However, in cities, there are sometimes extraordinary places that can be rented such as municipal halls, private gardens or municipal swimming pools and no one knows it ”, observes the twenty-six-year-old entrepreneur. RoomBâ thus strives to identify them in order to facilitate their online reservation. “We are co-building this service with town halls”, continues the Normande, who is carrying out her studies at IAE Gustave Eiffel and her entrepreneurial project.

Justine Ba will take advantage of the financial support of French Tech Tremplin to expand the workforce of her company – there will soon be eight. The start-up also plans to launch a new website in April and hopes, when the health situation allows it, to fulfill a dual mission: to help the French come together in places rich in history, while contributing to the economic revitalization of small towns.

Montasser Jabrane, the joker of the job search

Montasser Jabrane, founder of HandyCatch.

This is even more true in times of crisis: access to employment can be a real obstacle course, especially when you have not attended the grandes écoles or do not have a solid address book. But Montasser Jabrane is not the type to be resigned. In 2019, this graduate of a BTS in computer science and a master’s degree in human resources founded HandyCatch, a start-up that wants to facilitate access to employment and the rise in skills.

“We are the only application in the world to connect people with people, and not CVs with offers”, summarizes the boss of thirty-two years. HandyCatch uses geolocation and video to directly connect candidates and potential employers. The application also offers training provided by coaches and allows the organization of events (physical or virtual) in favor of employment.

“We put everything on the meeting”, continues the native of Dreux, who imagined HandyCatch during his studies in 2013. This project matured in the mind of Montasser Jabrane for a few years before being successful and earned him being selected among the winners of the French Tech Tremplin .

Installed at Station F, HandyCatch is in the beta test with 20,000 people in Paris and Marseille. The financial boost from the French Tech Tremplin program will soon allow the start-up to have seven employees. “We have a good product, but we must now boost the R&D part”, details the contractor, while specifying that the application will be available to the general public in late March or early April. The appointment is made.

David Nget, the Saas software binder

David Nget, founder of Sempai.io.

David Nget simply admits it: “During my career, I had the chance to meet people who gave me my chance. “ Before creating Sempai.io, an intelligent marketplace allowing companies to choose their SaaS software, this former karate champion notably spent two years at Feed. “I came in through the back door as CRM manager and the founder, Anthony Bourbon, took me under his wing. “ The entrepreneur then allows him to touch a bit of everything, giving him the possibility of structuring customer service, setting up a subscription system for the sale of nutritional meals, “To resume the path of the KING”, summarizes David Nget.

It is also his former boss with whom he discusses business ideas that pushes him to set up his own company. “I spent two crazy years there, tells, today, the neostartuppeur. From a managerial, relational, cognitive point of view, they inspired me a lot. “ To the point of drawing the founding idea of ​​Sempai.io. With the advent of the cloud and the explosion of Saas solutions to respond to different business issues, decision-makers spend between three weeks and six months implementing a solution …

A waste of time that the entrepreneur, who grew up in Besançon, wants to completely eliminate: “Most often, no specifications are written, it is as absurd as going on vacation without knowing where you are going, how you are going and how much it will cost. “ He and his partner therefore propose to qualify the needs and push for the most relevant solution, taking a percentage in passing.

Despite the youth of the project, its ambition is global. It now goes through 50 Partners, which supports Sempai.io in its incubation program. But it is also and above all based on the values ​​that were transmitted to it during its childhood: “My parents arrived in France in the 1970s because they fled the Khmer Rouge. They did not speak French and created a restaurant, the ends of the month were difficult and life was rather poor. But it also taught me to persevere, to surpass myself and never to complain. “

Clémence Polveche and Mamadou Dramé, the “health” couple

Clémence Polvèche, co-founder of Benn Yoon, a drone medical delivery company.

As the story of Jack Ma (Alibaba) has shown, it is sometimes the succession of “no” that forges an entrepreneur. “No” Clemence Polveche heard some. Before joining his companion Mamadou Dramé on the start-up Benn yoon, the young woman followed a path strewn with pitfalls. These events bear witness to the need to support people from all forms of diversity.

In IUT in Seine-Saint-Denis, his teachers prevent him from joining ESCP, despite his success in exams: “I didn’t go to the amphitheater to take the lessons, but I was still a major with the best grades. However, they closed the doors of the business school to me, they had other plans. I applied to several universities and Dauphine accepted me. “ Coming from a single-parent family with low income, she refuses to be categorized today: “I don’t know what diversity means. I grew up in HLM in the 19e arrondissement in Paris, I ate a lot of pasta, but I had a computer and I had a very good childhood. “

His story carried him until he met Mamadou Dramé, from the same working-class Parisian district. Seeing him become passionate about drones and the possibilities they offer to the most remote populations of accessing medicine, she joined him in his project to give it a more lasting dimension. “He has no academic background, but has managed to develop technologies that had to be taken out of the show”, remembers the entrepreneur.

The two companions start looking for a structuring of their offer. They then created Benn Yoon, a drone medical delivery company, whose mission was to reach the most remote areas. Zipline, a Californian start-up is already in the niche. Never mind, the two French partners are betting on innovation to find their market: vertical take-off, the ability to carry biological analyzes on the return journey of the aircraft, research on alternative energy sources … The young shoot could do well. This is the whole objective of supportingIncuballiance partner of French Tech Tremplin.

Mamadou Dramé, co-founder of Benn Yoon with his wife.

To note

To be eligible, candidates for the French Tech Tremplin had to be able to justify touching the social minimum, benefiting from a higher education grant, being a resident of a priority district of the city (QPV), or to be a refugee.

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