Life Style Diwali 2021: Make Kesar Moong Dal Barfi at home this festive season, know its easy recipe

Diwali 2021: Make Kesar Moong Dal Barfi at home this festive season, know its easy recipe

Diwali 2021 Special Moong Dal Barfi Recipe: People across the country are busy preparing for Diwali. This special festival has great importance in Hinduism. This year Diwali will be celebrated on 4 November 2021 (Diwali 2021 Date). The specialty of this festival is that on this day people decorate their houses with lamps and make lots of sweets. There is a tradition of sweetening the mouths of all those who come to the house. In such a situation, we are going to tell you the recipe of such a sweet (Diwali Sweets Recipe) which looks absolutely delicious to eat and is also very easy to make. The name of that sweet is Moong Dal Barfi. You can easily enjoy it by making it at home. So let’s know about the recipe of Moong Dal Barfi-

Ingredients needed to make Moong Dal Barfi-
Moong dal – cup (soaked in water)
Sugar – cup
Milk – cup
Ghee – as needed
Saffron-10 threads
Pistachio – 1 tsp

How to make Moong Dal Barfi
To make Moong Dal Barfi, first cut the pistachios into long pieces.
In a bowl, add 1 teaspoon warm milk and soak it with saffron.
Now take moong dal and remove it from the water.
Now put this moong dal in a mixer and grind it.
Keep in mind that do not grind it very finely.
Now put a pan on the gas and add ghee to it.
Now put moong in it and start running it.
Fry the lentils for at least 10 to 15 minutes. After this, when the lentils start looking different and the aroma starts coming from it, then take out the lentils. Now take it out in a plate.
Now add milk and sugar in the pan till it becomes hot until the sugar mixes properly in the milk. Then add saffron milk to it.
Now add lentils and cook till it becomes thick.
Now put ghee in a tray and set the barfi.
When the barfi is put in the pot, then put pistachios on the mixture of moong dal and let it set.
Later cut it into the shape of barfi.
Your Moong Dal Barfi is ready.

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