Life Style Do easy meditation, develop spiritual powers

Do easy meditation, develop spiritual powers

Meditation : Efforts to change from male to Narayan i.e. by developing one’s virtues can surely please God. With Sahaj Meditation method one can lead a stress free, satisfied and blissful life under any circumstances. This is such a simple and easy method of meditation, which is a boon for common people. This is such a worship in which there is no need for anything above like incense sticks, lamp, prasad, garland etc.

Everyone knows that the soul is a part of God like a drop and an ocean, but a multitude of good and bad rites and thoughts envelop that bright soul, just as a layer of ashes covers the spark. Various types of thoughts and actions of others keep troubling our soul and we keep cursing life like a helpless creature in the absence of determination. We make ourselves sad and sick. Trying to change from male to Narayan i.e. in developing one’s virtues, God can certainly be pleased.

There is divine light in our heart. Remove the ashes of your thoughts and thoughts and meditate on it, it will be as if we have suffered in vain. Like the musk deer, the musk of Sat Chit Anand is present in our soul only. With easy meditation comes the art of living life. Confidence increases, concentration comes and most of all, even in adverse circumstances, man remains in a state of joy, works enthusiastically.

Narayan was in our circle and we never tried to reach there. Just like the velocity of water brings cleanness and emptiness by shedding all kinds of garbage. Similarly, meditation, all the sacraments, due to which a person has to face calamity, sorrow and distress. Thoughts that create tension, have to be humiliated and despised for no reason at all, they are all liberating.

There are three stages of meditation. In the first step, it is said that intuitively see the God type in the heart. Do not stress the mind at all. Countless thoughts will surely come as a hindrance. The idea is to keep in mind that these thoughts are not mine and like an unwanted guest, ignore it by thinking momentarily and get back to meditation. In the beginning darkness can be seen in place of light, but gradually success will be achieved. Meditate for one or half an hour. The second stage is purification. Sit for half an hour in the evening and consider that all the disorders, hatred, internal blackness etc. are coming out from the body backwards as smoke or emotion. We need freedom from these, but do not pay attention to them, just keep taking them out.

Before sleeping in the night, pray to God while meditating on him that you are the main goal, you are our master and favor, unwanted desires are hindrances in my progress, without your help I will not get success, you keep your grace on me. Deep and complete sleep will be achieved with soulful prayer and you will also feel refreshed upon waking up in the morning.

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