Life Style Do not ignore cold-cough and cold as normal, it can be dangerous later

Do not ignore cold-cough and cold as normal, it can be dangerous later

Omicron Variant: In the winter season, the risk of influenza increases manifold compared to other infections. This disease is caused by influenza virus which is more active in winter. In the era of Kovid-19, such negligence can prove to be harmful. The virus spreads to the respiratory tract, nose, throat and lungs. Although this is also a common flu. Most of its cases get cured on their own in one to one and a half weeks. But sometimes the complications caused by it become a problem. Doctors say that the infected person should take rest and a balanced diet. Consumption of fluids is very helpful in curing the infection. People above 65 years of age and those with weak immunity and suffering from serious diseases are at higher risk of infection. In such a situation, never be careless in case of cold, cold and cough.

Different types of symptoms are being seen in patients coming under the grip of Omicron. In such a situation, you should not ignore any symptom. Apart from this, many people take cold and cough lightly as viral, which can prove to be dangerous for you. In such a situation, here we will tell about the symptoms of Omicron, which you should not ignore even after forgetting. Let’s know.

Do not ignore these symptoms
If you are taking cold and cold lightly, then let us tell you that you should not do this even by mistake. Because cold, cough, sore throat, fever, difficulty in breathing, nausea, and headache are its main symptoms. As soon as you see such symptoms, you should immediately see a doctor and do your test.

Infection with Omicron can cause problems such as constipation, sweating while sleeping, swelling and loss of taste in the eyes, and itching. Get tested for Covid immediately if you see such symptoms.

On the other hand, if you see red rashes on any part of your body, then these are also associated with Omicron, if you see this, do not ignore it at all. Rather contact the doctor immediately and get yourself examined.

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