Life Style Do not ignore these things even after the corona is cured, know what are the symptoms of long Covid

Do not ignore these things even after the corona is cured, know what are the symptoms of long Covid

If you feel corona-like symptoms after the corona is cured, you may have long Covid. Even after the report of Kovid is negative, the patient may have acute post-Kovid syndrome, which is also known as long Covid. However, it depends on how much the corona virus has attacked the body. People who have more effect of corona virus are more likely to have long Covid.

What is Long Covid

Even after the report of Kovid in a patient is negative, if the patient is not healthy and does not have mild cough, head and body pain, fatigue, difficulty in breathing or taste and smell, then understand that the after effects of corona virus in the body The remaining and it is called long Covid. In this situation, the symptoms remain even after a patient gets out of the grip of the virus and after the negative result. People who have been ill for a long time experience many problems due to Long Covid and if these symptoms persist for a long time, it also affects the lungs, heart, kidney or brain. Even after the corona is cured, if your body shows these symptoms, then consult a doctor.

1-persistent cough cold
After the corona is cured, cold and cough persists for 1 month at times. Especially if there is no cold but cough troubles for months. If you have a cough even after a month of the negative report of Kovid, then you have a long Covid, that is, the effect of the virus is left in the body. Do not ignore the cough.

2-Headache and fatigue
Headache and body fatigue persist during corona virus infection. But many times, even after several weeks after the corona report is negative, the patient feels headache or body aches and fatigue. Actually, during this time the body is preparing antibodies to fight the virus, due to which one feels tired. This virus damages the muscle fibers, causing pain in the body and feeling tension in many parts of the body. However, regular exercise can improve these symptoms. If there is more headache or fatigue, consult a doctor. The doctor may give some multi-vitamins or other medicines and may do some tests.

3-trouble breathing
The most panic is due to corona when oxygen saturation is low due to which there is difficulty in breathing. Shortness of breath is the most common symptom of corona. Although this problem also ends when the effect of Kovid virus ends, but this problem persists in long Covid and the patient has trouble breathing for several weeks. According to doctors, patients already suffering from respiratory problems may have trouble breathing or those who have been attacked by this disease can also have this problem. Do breathing exercises to avoid this after effect.

4 – Don’t know the taste and smell
Lack of taste in food and no smelting during kovid is a common symptom, but even after curing the kovid, this symptom can persist for several months. A patient with such symptoms should consult a doctor

5-Diarrhea or loss of appetite- There are many stomach related problems due to corona, of which diarrhea is the most common. But in a long covid, the patient may have diarrhea or a problem even after several weeks of recovery. Apart from this, even after being cured, if you do not feel hungry or do not feel like eating, then these can be symptoms of long covid.

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