Life Style Do not make these mistakes while washing hair, you can go bald

Do not make these mistakes while washing hair, you can go bald

Hair Wash Mistakes: Nowadays all the people whether children or elders are troubled by the problem of hair fall. People do not know what measures they take to prevent hair fall. To prevent hair fall, right care is needed, in which when and how to wash hair, right hair products for hair care, what should be applied in hair and what not. But do you know that one of the major reasons for hair fall is the way you wash your hair. Often people make some mistakes while washing hair, due to which the problem of hairfall increases significantly. In the long run, these habits of yours can also make you bald. Let us know what are the things to keep in mind while washing hair.

Do not wash by rubbing Some people apply shampoo directly to the hair without adding water and wash the hair by rubbing vigorously. This greatly increases the problem of hair fall. You must know the right way to wash hair. First pour the shampoo into the mug and dampen the hair. Now put some water in the mug and mix the shampoo and apply it on the hair. Apart from this, make a lather by rubbing the shampoo in your hands and then apply it on the hair. Wash the hair by rubbing it with very light hands.

How to apply conditioner Some people use the condition after washing their hair, but they do not know how to apply it. Conditioner should never be applied to the roots of the hair. Apply it only on the length of the hair. should be used.

How many times a week do you wash your head? Some people shampoo everyday, but doing so is wrong. Due to this, the chemical reaches the hair daily and causes damage. To keep hair healthy, do not shampoo more than 3 times a week.

Using the right shampoo Use shampoo according to your hair. Often people buy shampoo by seeing each other or seeing advertisements. This increases the problem of hair fall. If you have oily hair or have dry hair, take special care of the ingredients while buying shampoo.

Do not wash hair with hot water Often people wash their hair with hot water in winter which makes the hair dry and lifeless. You should always wash your hair with normal water. Hot water damages the hair.

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