Life Style Do not make this mistake while lighting the lamp in front of God, otherwise the worship will be broken

Do not make this mistake while lighting the lamp in front of God, otherwise the worship will be broken

Puja Deepak Rules: In Hinduism, a lamp is definitely lit for the worship of gods and goddesses. It is believed that the worship of God is not considered complete without lighting the lamp. On the other hand, if some things are not taken care of while lighting the lamp, then happiness and peace can go away from the house. Let us know what things should be kept in mind while lighting the lamp.

  • Never light a broken lamp, even after forgetting it, because a broken lamp is considered inauspicious in religious works. Use a clean and correct lamp while worshiping.
  • According to religious beliefs, at the time of worship, keep the ghee lamp on your left side and the oil lamp on your right hand side in front of the Lord.
  • If you are lighting a ghee lamp, then use white cotton and if you are lighting an oil lamp, then use a red thread light.
  • The correct direction of keeping the lamp is considered to be east. Keeping the lamp in the west direction increases wasteful expenditure. For the sake of ancestors, a lamp is lit in the south direction.
  • Concentration remains in the worship in the morning. Therefore, the right time to worship in the morning is from five o’clock to ten o’clock. The best time for evening worship is considered to be between five and seven.
  • In the evening, keep the lamp on the main door of the house, not on the ground, and keep it over rice or other things.
  • The lamp should not be extinguished immediately after lighting it, so burn it by protecting it from the wind.
  • Never light a lamp from one lamp to another. Always light the lamp separately.
  • By lighting a lamp every morning and evening, the flow of positive energy remains in the house and negative energy stays away as well as happiness, peace and prosperity remain in the house.
  • Whenever you light a lamp, keep a lamp of ghee near the pot of water, it increases wealth in the house and also removes health problems.

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