Life Style Do this yoga to get rid of double chin

Do this yoga to get rid of double chin

Tips to Get Rid of Double Chin: It is very common to have fat on the face. At the same time, so much fat accumulates on the chin that a double chin is formed. Due to double chin, the beauty of our face gets spoiled. At the same time, we also make many efforts to get rid of it. But there doesn’t seem to be any significant difference. In such a situation, there are many yogas which work to activate the muscles of your face. If you do these yogas then you can get rid of facial fat. In such a situation, let us know about these yogas.

kiss the sky yoga This simple exercise can help give a better appearance to your jaw and get rid of double chin. For this, sit in a comfortable position and slowly look towards the sky. After this, shape your lips as if you are trying to kiss the sky. Do this exercise for two to three minutes and relax.

easy throat posture-This yoga is very simple, anyone can do it. For this, start the exercise by rotating the neck slowly. Move the chin towards the left shoulder, then slowly while exhaling, take it backwards. Now while exhaling, bring the chin towards the right shoulder and slowly move it towards the chest. At the same time, now rotate your neck 3 times clockwise and three times in anti-clockwise direction. You have to do this for 3 to 4 minutes daily.

lion currency-With this asana, the facial muscles get relief from stress. For this, while keeping your tongue out, open and spread the mouth as much as possible. You have to maintain this position for 30 seconds.

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