Life Style Do Vajrasana daily after eating food, stomach and stomach problems will go away

Do Vajrasana daily after eating food, stomach and stomach problems will go away

Weight Loss Yoga: Yoga is very helpful in reducing weight. Yoga is very important for physical and mental development. Yoga also strengthens immunity. In such a situation, if you want to lose weight, then you can do Vajrasana. As easy as it is to do Vajrasana, its benefits are more than that. In particular, Vajrasana is considered very beneficial for strengthening the digestive system. Vajrasana is very beneficial for those who work sitting in one place for hours. Due to this there is extra pressure on the muscles of the feet and the blood flow in the body starts properly. Doing Vajrasana regularly makes the body shapely and also helps in reducing weight. Know how to do Vajrasana and its benefits.

Meaning of Vajrasana
Vajrasana means strong position. This asana gives digestion power and nervous power, hence it is called Vajrasana.

how to do vajrasana
First of all, you lay a seat.
2 Now on the seat, bend both the legs from the knees and sit on the heels.
3 Both the toes of your feet should meet each other.
The buttocks should be on the soles of the feet.
5 Now keep your waist straight and keep both the hands on your knee without bending the elbows.
Keep 6 hands on the thighs and keep looking straight in front.
7 Do this asana in the beginning for 5 minutes, later it can be increased from 15 minutes to half an hour.
8 This is such an asana that you can do 5 minutes after eating food.

Benefits of Vajrasana
By doing Vajrasana, the central part of the body remains straight.
2 This posture improves the eyesight.
3 Stabilizes the mind and sharpens the mind.
4 Improves blood circulation in the body and removes diseases.
Digestion power is accelerated by sitting in Vajrasana.
6 works to digest food and remove constipation.
7 Eliminates the air of the stomach and removes the diseases of the stomach.
8 Vajrasana helps in reducing weight and making the body shapely.
9 Strength and strength comes in the spine, waist, thigh, knee and legs.
10 Air diseases of the waist and legs are removed. By doing this asana regularly, the energy increases.

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