Infotech Do we need financial advisers?

Do we need financial advisers?

What to expect from the professionals who manage your money? It is not always easy to establish a relationship of trust with your banker, notary or retirement advisor. To achieve this, you must first be clear about your goals, depending on your professional and family environment and your life situation. When faced with financial experts, think of yourself first!

How to build wealth when you’re young

Your banking advisor is obviously an essential interlocutor. But it is a question of mastering its intervention in your affairs. Too often, clients doubt its ability to offer them the right solutions and not those that promote the interests of its establishment and its own commercial bonuses.

To limit this risk, you can opt for an online bank. Less expensive, it will allow you to manage day-to-day operations and investments without risk. In many cases, the banking relationship depends on its ability to support you in obtaining a loan. In this case, listening and making suggestions from an advisor prove to be invaluable.

Are the Gafa people going to break the bank?

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