Life Style Do you have respiratory disease? Relief from these 5 home remedies

Do you have respiratory disease? Relief from these 5 home remedies

Kick these habits 

Smoking- There are many such elements present in cigarettes which cause lung disease. So stay away from smoking.

Intense Workout- Due to continuous intense exercise, breathing problems start in a person. During exercise, shortness of breath is felt and the person starts gasping. Therefore, avoid exercising too much continuously. 

Pollution- Due to pollution, dirty air goes into the lungs, due to which cough starts. Sometimes the cough is so severe that one starts feeling short of breath. 

Home Remedies for Breathlessness

1- Do breathing exercises- To do breathing exercises, take slow breaths through the nose 2 times and during this time keep the mouth closed, like the lips do while whistling. Now slowly exhale from the lips and count up to 1 2 3 4. It also removes the trapped air in the lungs and gives relaxation to the neck and shoulders.

2- Take a deep breath from the stomach- The shortness of breath goes away by taking a deep breath from the stomach. To breathe from the stomach, first lie down and keep both hands on the stomach, take a deep breath through the nose and fill the air in the lungs while expanding the stomach. During this, hold the breath for a few seconds and keep breathing slowly through the mouth. With this, remove the air filled in the lungs towards the outside. Do this exercise for at least 10 minutes a day.

3- Consume Black Coffee- Caffeine contains some such elements, which relaxes the muscles of the respiratory tract. Not only this, by drinking black coffee, the lungs do their work properly and its effect remains for about 4 hours.

4- Be sure to consume ginger- It is believed that some elements are included in ginger, which creates the ability to fight the RSV virus that causes blockage in the respiratory tract. With this, shortness of breath can be removed. You can eat ginger by chewing it like this or add pieces of ginger in hot water and drink it lukewarm. 

Make these lifestyle changes 

  • Avoid smoking
  • Never use tobacco
  • Avoid pollution
  • Avoid extreme cold
  • >Loss Weight
  • Don’t Exercise Too Hard
  • Eat Healthy Food
  • Get 8 Hours of Sleep

At what time a doctor’s advice is absolutely necessary

  • Not getting enough oxygen
  • Frequent breathlessness
  • chest pain
  • Not getting enough sleep through the night
  • While breathing

  • Stuffy feeling in throat

If you feel any of these discomforts, then you should immediately consult a doctor. As the problem progresses, the problem may increase further.

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