Life Style Does your hair stand in horror? This is a sign of your well being, know how

Does your hair stand in horror? This is a sign of your well being, know how

Are you watching a movie and a dangerous scene ensues, then do your hair stand? If you are reading a novel in which you encounter a dangerous character or plotting in such a way that there is suspense, then there is a shudder inside you?

Science has found the reason for this. If you face such a situation, then you are healthy. Experts from Harvard University and Oxford University have jointly conducted research and revealed that the experience of standing up is associated with a person’s health and personality. Experts have found that people who experience this have a strong connection with other people. Such people achieve success in the educational field and their health is also better than other people.

During the research, many experiments were conducted on 100 people. Researchers examined the reaction on their body by wearing a monitoring device. Along with this, by examining them, tried to know what psychological reaction is seen. The result showed that 55 percent of women and 45 percent of men experienced this.

During research, it was found that the relationship of such people is strong with their relatives and health is also good. Researchers say that the experience of standing up to people is such that people have a positive and good physical structure. He further told that during research he came to know that personal habits play an important role.


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