Top Stories “Donation to Palestine” … a new excuse for the Houthi militia to make money and plunder the citizens’ money

“Donation to Palestine” … a new excuse for the Houthi militia to make money and plunder the citizens’ money

Once again, the Houthi militias take the Palestinian cause as a means to perpetuate injustice and tyranny on the citizens, this time by plundering money from citizens and merchants in the name of “donating to Palestine”, at a time when Yemenis live in extremely harsh conditions that are no less than the suffering of the Palestinian people, if not more severe than the great similarity between The practices of the Zionists and the Houthis, including murder, displacement, bombing, arrests, and all crimes that do not differentiate between a child, a woman, or an old man.

Palestine is innocent

“Enas,” 25 years old, from Sana’a governorate, says to “Al Sahwa Net”: After the envelopes for gas, the war effort, zakat, breakfast and events such as the so-called “birth” or “state”, the terrorist militias come back to us today with new envelopes under the name of “Supporting the Palestinian People” The heroic Palestinian people are innocent of the Houthis and what they are doing. Everyone knows that not a single penny will reach the Palestinians. Rather, the money will go to the Houthis, as is the norm, and villas, buildings and palaces will be built for supervisors from our hard-earned money, but God is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

Daylight theft

“Nasser,” 40 years old, owner of a food store, says: “In the name of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the issue of Palestine, we are stolen in broad daylight, and this is how every occasion occurs. The matter has reached the point of madness. We do not spare the Palestinians even if we give them our money, our children, and ourselves, they are our brothers and our people while they are defending the nation’s honor, but what is collected from the money will not go to the Palestinians, but to the Israelis, our right, who rule Sanaa by force.

Adding, “The day before yesterday, the Houthis asked me to donate an amount of twenty thousand riyals when they claimed that he” supported the steadfastness of the Palestinian people “by falsely and falsely, and they are the ones who did to the Yemenis what the Jews did not do to the people of Palestine.

Watch from Palestine

Osama, a Palestinian young man who has lived with his family in Sanaa for years, says: “We salute the steadfastness of our patient people in the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and the West Bank, and inform them that we found the Yemeni people among the people who love Palestine and defend the Palestinian cause despite its extreme poverty. I would like to say that the Houthi group made the good Yemenis. They live in suffering not much different from the suffering of our people in Palestine. I communicate with my family who remain in Gaza and know from them that despite the bombing and destruction, their living conditions are better than the Yemenis in terms of health, education, salaries and prices. Yemenis here find it very difficult to live because of the coup and the world knows This and the Palestinians also know, so they are not required to do anything, and we ask God for us, and they have the near salvation. “

The circle is spinning

Zakaria, the owner of a shop in Sanaa, says: “They are the owners of billions, why don’t they give it to the Palestinians, as they claim? I am sure that their money is enough to liberate Palestine, but they know very well that the money will go into their own pockets. They want large sums from us while we are leaving Eid and Ramadan and they did not leave us on Eid Nor in Ramadan and they distribute indulgences to the stores in exchange for the sustenance of our children, and now we pay the pretext of innocent Palestine from them, and after a while the white car will come and throw in our faces the bonds of birth, ghair, guardianship, Hussein’s martyrdom, and so on until we become extinct or they become extinct.

The Houthi group recently launched a campaign through mosque preachers and the media affiliated with it to loot money under the name of “supporting the Palestinian people” despite the conditions in which the people live, due to the Houthi war that has been going on for more than seven years. anything”.


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